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Slush E Liquid

Slush E Liquid & Sub Zero Slush E Liquid Bundle - Slush E Liquid

Product Description

Slush E Liquid & Sub Zero Slush E Liquid Bundle - Slush E Liquid Wholesale

Those delectable slushy flavors that we've all lusted after on sweltering hot days are here and they are in a bundle deal that is going to get you well stocked up for the quickly approaching summer season in a jiffy! With this deal, you are going to be receiving 49 bottles, with 7 bottles per flavor. With every flavor, it is further broken down into 1 x 0mg, 4 x 3mg and 2 x 6mg nicotine strengths that will give you a nice mix. For only $365 you're getting each bottle of this juice for a remarkable $7.44. You just can't beat a deal like this and the amount of time and care that they've put into the development of their juices will have anyone who tries them satisfied beyond their wildest expectations.

Flavors Included:


  • Straw-Melon Slush - Sub Zero Slush E Liquid - This blend is pure summer time packed into a bottle, when you vape it you will be completely stunned by the way that the flavors have been exhibited. Anyone who enjoys their fruit based blends will know all about how wonderful that having a good, authentic tasting blend is. This one is going to give you intense taste that drives your senses completely and totally wild. You just can't put a blend like this down and it will be evident by how quickly you end up going through the bottle. You might want to plan ahead and pick up a few extras so that you never have to go even a single day without it in your life. Many people underestimate the feelings and memories that flavors can evoke and this is one that will have your soul flying high as you think back to all of those happy memories you have from summers gone by enjoying this flavor. Sub Zero Slush E Liquid focuses their attention on making slushy inspired blends that take the flavors that you know and upgrades them ten fold. You will be shocked by how close to the real thing that they actually taste and want to reach for them as often as you possibly can. Straw-Melon Slush takes that unmistakable slushy base and packs it with farm fresh strawberries and juicy, sweet watermelon that is going to be the key to your refreshment. Don't find yourself stuck without any way to find relief. You will be completely and totally set as long as you have this blend in your repertoire. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, Menthol
  • Lemon-Lime - Sub Zero Slush E Liquid - The zesty, crisp flavor that this blend has to offer will be one that sends your taste buds into fits of passion and leaves you cooled down and revived. The amount of invigoration that you will be able to get from it is truly something special that will have you coming back to it constantly for whatever need that you have to satisfy. Whenever you vape it, the chill will hit you and make it so that you are completely and totally happy and satisfied with it overall. Forget about those muggy summer afternoons where it feels like you are drenched with sweat and unable to get any relief whatsoever. You will be living the good life, content and as happy as usual when everyone else is melting as long as you have this juice selection around to keep you as pleased and satisfied as can be. It can be tough to find something that even comes close to being as delicious as this juice is and when you bring it into your collection, you will be so much better off for it than ever before. Sub Zero Slush E Liquid has got a range of slushy inspired juices that are going to have you brought way back to those younger years and might even be able to put you back into that mindset as well. The quality they can achieve is something to take notice of and as soon as you see the clouds you are able to make, you will be awe struck. Lemon-Lime takes that classic slushy base that we all know and love and adds in some tart lemons and citrus packed limes. When you thought this blend was already at the epitome of greatness, some menthol is added into the mix to make this juice really shine. Primary Flavors: Lemon, Lime, Menthol, Slushy
  • Berry Slush - Sub Zero Slush E Liquid - With an authentic and nostalgic flavor that stuns, you will come to find that this lineup of intriguing blends is able to hit all of the right spots. This flavor is one that will capture your heart and make you want to vape it absolutely all of the time. Spectacular flavor aside, the memories that come along with a flavor like this alone is something that will have you smiling from ear to ear and so happy that you have brought it into your life. We all can remember those hot, summer afternoons where we would be running the roads with all of our friends and had to make a stop at the local corner store every few hours to get a refill of these sweet, icy cold drinks that would have you feeling cool, calm and collected. Forget about the melting, sticky messes and those sugar bugs that wreak havoc on your award winning smile, you are going to get all of the invigoration and refreshment that you could ever want with this blend that gives you the most authentic slushy experience that you can think of with absolutely none of the draw backs. Sub Zero Slush E Liquid is a brand that will have you smiling from ear to ear with their scrumptious flavors that never hold back. The quality is impeccable and when you taste them for yourself, you are going to go absolutely crazy. Berry Slush is the classic, highly revered blue raspberry slushy that we have all had a sip or two of in the past. The one thing that really pushes this blend over the edge is the fact that it has loads of menthol added in to up the realisticness ten fold. Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Slushy, Menthol
  • Straw-Melon - Slush E Liquid - What better way to bid adieu to summer with this strawberry and watermelon infused e liquid? Rich flavors that stand out but mix very well to deliver all of the fruity goodness your taste buds need. This is the blend that will have you fantasizing about sunny beaches on even the snowiest of freezing cold winter days. Just imagine it, it's the morning after a huge snow storm and you have to get up early, shovel off your step, clean off your car and then have to brave the icy roads to get to work. That situation is enough to make anyone frustrated and ready for the winter to be done and over with. When you're fed up with the cold season, you can quickly grab this juice blend and vape it to get some of that delectable flavor that has you dreaming about the summer time and getting ready to have some fun! This really is a dynamic blend that has so much to offer your taste buds with its fine features and undeniable authenticity that will have you shook down to your very core. There is definitely a unique flavor to this that will have you smiling from ear to ear and so happy that you have come across it. Slush E Liquid is going to capture your heart as well as your senses with its line of slushy inspired blends that are going to change the way that you look at vaping. They bring so much flavor and quality into the mix that is going to have you beyond impressed. Straw-Melon will have you singing its praises for the sweet, fresh, incredibly bold flavor it offers up that will have your heart beating a million times a minute. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, Slushy
  • Lemon Lime - Slush E Liquid - One of the strongest vape juice flavors ever. Lemon and lime leads to a combination of citrus flavors combine to create a seal breaking out of this world scent of its kind. Truly refreshing and very strong in both smell and taste you'll not be capable of getting enough of it or put it down. When you thought the flavor alone was enough to send this scrumptious blend over the edge, wait until you see the number of epic clouds that come billowing out with every exhale. You will be turning heads and having every other vaper that you come across on your travels asking you just what that fantastic juice you're drinking really is. Right from the get go you will realize that you are on to something special and want to keep on coming back to it for a little bit of that refreshing and invigorating relief that you so greatly need. Every time that you load this juice into your mod, you are going to be over the moon excited for what's to come. That's a sure fire sign that you have added something special into your collection that you will want to get extras of. Slush E Liquid is the brand to pick up if you crave long lasting relief that will keep you satisfied and smiling all day long. They put so much time and care into making sure that all of the details are there so that you can have the vaping experience of a life time. Lemon Lime is one of the most intense and delicious juices that you will ever taste with its zesty, crisp flavor and unforgettable base that makes you feel like you've traveled back in time. Primary Flavors: Lemon, Lime, Slushy
  • Cherry Slush - Slush E Liquid - A rich body full of cherry flavor over a slushy styled base that provides a sweetened and cool vaping experience that reminds you of that ice cold cup of summer joy. This is something that is going to make you so happy to vape it and you will want to have it all of the time. Why would you ever want to have to get the real thing and deal with all of that melty, sticky mess when you can get a hold of this much easier to deal with version that you will be able to conveniently take along with you wherever you happen to go. The key to finding true happiness is surrounding yourself with people and things that make you feel good deep down inside. This is just the kind of thing that will be so easy to bring into your routine but will leave you with an uplifted attitude and a big smile spread across your face from the very moment that you begin to vape it. One of the most wonderful features of a blend like this one is the fact that you can vape it non stop for as long as you would like without growing tired of it. There is just this dynamic and expressive flavor about this juice that will stop you in your tracks and make it so that you never want to have to go back to your old blends again. Slush E Liquid is going to change your life with the amazing way that they put together realistic tasting, slushy based blends that have got all of the delectable flavor that you crave without any of the downsides. This is going to be the kind of blend that you end up using constantly. Primary Flavors: Cherry, Slushy
  • Berry Slush - Slush E Liquid - An aromatic blue raspberry flavor that screams out "have some more." The most well known flavor in the slushy drink lineup finally arrives at the hands of us vapers in a truly phenomenal recipe. When you vape this you will feel just as happy as can be and want to continuously vape it absolutely all of the time. There is a huge amount of nostalgia that is attached to a flavor like this that is going to have you sent back to those earlier years in your life when there were very few responsibilities and your life was all about having as much fun as possible and feeding your curiosity. Although the responsibilities may not go away, with a blend like this around you can easily fall back into that old mindset and enrich your situation currently. It is always a fantastic thing when you can come across a juice that is able to stir up some inspiration beyond just its flavor itself. Speaking about flavor, you are going to be completely and totally enamored with the delicious and realistic flavor that this juice offers up and find yourself reaching for it more times than not. Slush E Liquid is a brand that creates slushy style juice blends that are going to have you dreaming of idyllic summer days and looking forward to all of the memories that you can make in the future. Their quality is absolutely stunning and the cloud production is going to beyond blow you away. Blue Slush is one of the most popular slushy flavors that seems to always be sold out first and we're not surprised because the bold blue raspberry flavor that's held in it is really something special. Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Slushy



Package Contains:

  • 7 x 60ml bottles of Berry Slush by Slush E Liquid
  • 7 x 60ml bottles of Cherry Slush by Slush E Liquid
  • 7 x 60ml bottles of Lemon Lime by Slush E Liquid
  • 7 x 60ml bottles of Straw-Melon by Slush E Liquid
  • 7 x 60ml bottles of Straw-Melon Slush by Sub Zero Slush E Liquid 
  • 7 x 60ml bottles of Lemon-Lime by Sub Zero Slush E Liquid 
  • 7 x 60ml bottles of Berry Slush by Sub Zero Slush E Liquid