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Pixie Dust E Liquid

Pixie Dust E Liquid (Bundle) - Pixie Dust E Liquid

This product is not available

Product Description

Pixie Dust E Liquid (Bundle) - Pixie Dust E Liquid


You can now get 60 bottles of your favorite flavors for just $249.99 This bundle by Pixie Dust E Liquid lets you have 10 bottles of each of the six flavors contained in this line. You don't have to spend time thinking about which flavor best suits you. Thanks to Pixie Dust E Liquid, you can now have them all at a very affordable price. If you're ready to embark on an exciting vaping adventure, full of zest and aromatic thrills, getting this bundle would be the first step in the right direction.


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Flavors Included:


  • Blue - Pixie Dust E Liquid:  This juice may be called Blue but you will feel anything but blue when you are vaping it's bright, playful flavor that brings back memories from the candy store. Do you remember when you and all of your friends would fight over who would get the blue raspberry flavor of one of these? It could get vicious and some friendships were probably completely and totally broken up over this issue. It's a good thing that now you can have this bottle of juice all to yourself so you never have to share or compromise and can hoard all of that delicious flavor for your taste buds only. When you are able to finally get a taste of Blue by Pixie Dust E Liquid, it's game over. You are going to be so overcome with happy emotions that you might just throw out every other juice that you own because deep down, you know that nothing is going to be able to live up to the standards that this one puts in place. Inhale and taste the sugary goodness that you remember so well without the worry about cavities taking over all of your teeth. You can overindulge to the maximum whenever you feel like it! Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Candy
  • Green - Pixie Dust E Liquid: Green by Pixie Dust E Liquid is the most sour, mouth puckering delicious one of the entire bunch! Inhale and taste the green apple flavored powdered sugar that makes you dream of days gone by. When you are feeling like there is so much weighing you down and you want something light and fun, this is exactly what you need to make yourself feel like your usual self again. Let that tartness shock you and have you laughing at just how great that it makes you feel. Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Candy 
  • Orange - Pixie Dust E Liquid: Orange by Pixie Dust E Liquid recreates those straws that were filled with flavored sugar that taste so good but give you a sugar rush like no other. You'd have to sneak off with a few coins and get these for yourself because your parents would never get you some themselves. Who doesn't like the flavor orange? It's bright, slightly tart and full of that citrusy zest that makes you feel awakened and energized. Vaping this is blend makes you feel like it's Easter morning and your parents have just surprised you with a brand new bike! Yes, believe it or not, this juice is just that good and will have you squealing with excitement. Primary Flavors: Orange, Candy
  • Pink - Pixie Dust E Liquid: Remember bugging your parents over and over again for a few dollars so you could go to the candy store? You would be so relentless that they would always have to give in. Like clockwork, you'd head to the shop and buy yourself as many of these candy sticks that you could. This is the flavor that was the sweetest and easiest to eat one after another and that most definitely crosses over into vaping it. Pink by Pixie Dust E Liquid is the sweet, bold watermelon flavored sugar straw that would have you running up the walls with energy. There was no calming you down once you ate a few of these and you would be able to stay out and play non stop until it was time for you to get home for supper. Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Candy
  • Purple - Pixie Dust E Liquid: Purple is the flavor that was always your number one choice whenever you got to choose which ones that you wanted to get. The classic, bold grape taste that you love and instantly recognize is completely present in this blend. It makes an already scrumptious taste that much better, more complex and easier to vape. Whenever you are feeling like the work week will never end and responsibilities are piling up one after another, you can reach for this juice to bring you to a place of joy, happiness, and fun. Primary Flavors: Grape, Candy
  • Red - Pixie Dust E Liquid: This is the kind of taste that you spend all day fantasizing about, it is just so playful and carefree that when you vape it, you won't be able to stop giggling! It has that effect on you where you are really taken back to being a kid again in every day. This juice, in particular, is flavored with a bold, ripe, natural tasting strawberry flavor that gives just the right amount of impact to the fine, powdered sugar base. All that you have to do to put you into that crazy, happy mood is grab a hold of this blend by Pixie Dust E Liquid, fill up the tank of your favorite mod and inhale, it really works just like magic. Do you still have your skipping ropes laying around? Because we are sure that you could put every kid in your neighborhood to shame with your double dutch skills. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy


Package Includes: 

  • 60 x Pixie Dust E Liquid (10 of each flavor)