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ORGNX Salt E Liquid

ORGNX Salt E Liquid Bundle - ORGNX Salt E Liquid

This product is not available

Product Description

ORGNX Salt E Liquid Bundle - ORGNX Salt E Liquid Wholesale 



Things are getting really salty, and it is not going to be gross. When a vape juice contains salt based nicotine, it means that you will have an amazing vape trip because of the smooth throat hit and the small, but aromatic clouds that are going to greet you when you exhale. Well, why not start your venture into puffing away with salt nic e liquids by getting your hands on this ORGNX Salt E Liquid Bundle? You will be able to taste different fruits everytime that you go for a pull. All of these flavors also contain menthol meaning that the intensity of indulging in these e liquids just increased by a ton. This bundle will contain ten 30ml bottles of each flavor for you to enjoy. That is a total of 50 bottles and 1,500ml of salt e liquid! This bundle will be available for you to get your hands on at the affordable price of $350.00. Act now before this offer is gone!


**Contact your Account Representative for requests on various nicotine quantities** 


Flavors Included: 


  • Orange Ice - ORGNX Salt E Liquid - You just have to add a little bit of extra zest into your life every now and again to keep things feeling fresh, new and fun. This blend is going to be just the right companion for those mornings where you wake up and make it your mission to try something new and really seize the day. You are going to find this crisp flavor filling up your mod time and time again for its way of almost instantly being able to make you feel rejuvenated and satisfied. This now common, staple fruit that is on just about everyone's weekly grocery list was at one point difficult and pricey to get a hold of. Most of us have heard stories from our parents or grandparents about how at Christmas time they would always receive one of these in their stocking. As a kid, you probably giggled about it but as an adult, you totally get it and would be hyped up if you ended up being gifted one as well. Many of us start our morning with a cup of this fruits juice to feel brightened up, satisfied and energized, you're going to find yourself reaching for it all of the time for its staple flavor. Orgnx Salt E Liquid makes some of the most fabulous fruit inspired blends that are packed with so much bold flavor that you're not going to know just what to do with yourself. They take all of those great, original flavors from the Orgnx E Liquid line and add in salt nicotine for more power and impact per inhale. Orange Ice takes the sweet, juicy, citrus packed orange that you've been dreaming of and mixes it together with some menthol that rocks your world. Primary Flavors: Orange, Menthol
    • Peach Ice - ORGNX Salt E Liquid - There is nothing quite like taking a big bite into a sweet, freshly picked peach and feeling its sticky juice all over your face. It gives you such a huge amount of refreshment and enjoyment that makes you feel like a million bucks and there is nothing that could ever come close to that wonderful fresh taste until now. It doesn't matter what time of year that it is or how far away you are from the closest orchard, this blend is going to provide you with that natural taste that you crave in its fullest form whenever and wherever you want it. Isn't it everyone's dream to be able to instantly access the foods that we love the most whenever the thought enters our minds, thanks to juices like this you can get so much realistic taste in such a quick and easy way that will have you feeling like you've just been transported into the world of one of your favorite futuristic science fiction shows. So now when you're hanging around trying to beat the heat the best way that you can, you can quickly grab this almost unbelievable blend and treat your taste buds to an explosion of intense, delicious flavor that won't ever do you wrong. Orgnx Salt E Liquid makes wonderful juices that recreate some of the most dynamic and vibrant fruit flavors that you could ever imagine. They use only the very highest quality of ingredients to make sure that you have that premium experience that you deserve. Peach Ice starts off with an in season, ripe Georgia peach that is absolutely packed with intense, natural flavor and accents it with a hint of menthol that takes those already wonderful flavors and makes them so much more enjoyable. Primary Flavors: Peach, Menthol
    • Lychee Ice - ORGNX Salt E Liquid - Hop into your own private jet and set off to that island in the sun where the troubles of day to day life don't exist. We all need to take a moment or two out of our day to day lives to get back in touch with nature and enjoy the beauty of the earth that we live on. This juice is going to make you feel like planning a hike on your weekend, starting that garden that you've been putting off for far too long and heading down to the beach for a quick dip in the water. You're going to find yourself reaching for this blend all year round, whether you're dreaming of sunny days in the middle of the winter or you are going through an awful heatwave and need a bit of relief. It can be so hard to be able to find certain tropical fruits at your local grocery store, this is one that's really difficult to track down and when you do, odds are that they aren't even near half as fresh and ripe as you would have liked them to be. Instead of settling for second best, you can pick up this juice that gives you all of that flavor that you crave in such a simple and accessible way. Orgnx Salt E Liquid makes those fruit flavors that you know, love and can't get enough of from the original Orgnx E Liquid line but gives you the addition of salt nicotine so that all of the mouths to lung vapers out there can get their fill. Lychee Ice takes the luscious, juicy, sweet lychee fruit and combines it with a blast of menthol that is going to make you feel so much more rejuvenated. Primary Flavors: Lychee, Menthol
    • Honeydew Ice - ORGNX Salt E Liquid - What's that? You need refreshment! Look no further because this juice is packed to the gills with invigorating, fresh flavor that will take you from lethargic and overheated to being full of pep, energy and ready to get to the action! If you love fruit flavored blends, this is one that you're going to love having around for those warmer weather days where you really do need those more fresh, light flavors to get you through feeling calm, cool and beyond collected. Picture this, you get off from work early on a Friday afternoon, hop into your car, put the top down and go for a drive down to the beach with this flavor in hand giving you so much bold, realistic taste in such a convenient and extremely easy to take along with you kind of form. Anyone who loves to eat fresh fruit will know that some fruits are much easier to transport around with you than others, with a melon you have to go through the trouble of cutting it up, putting it into a big, bulky container and then hoping that it doesn't leak and leave a sticky mess everywhere. Forget about it, this wonderful blend has got your back and will have you living your best life without a single care in the world. Orgnx Salt E Liquid is a line that really has the fruit flavored juice game on lock. They take all of those popular juices from the original Orgnx E Liquid collection and reproduces them with the use of salt nicotine so that you can get all of that intense satisfaction that you desire in such an easy sort of way. Honeydew Ice takes a ripe honeydew melon and smashes it together with loads of menthol that give you that cooling effect that you desire. 
    • Apple Ice - ORGNX Salt E Liquid - Do you remember how back in the good old days you would always see a neat little line of apples on top of your teacher's desk? As much as you may love this sweet, juicy fruit, there was something unappealing about those dusty apples that always seemed to be bruised and overripe. This juice is going to give you apples at their very finest with all of that flavor that you crave, loads of refreshment and a new twist that will elevate this blend from being delicious to spectacular. It really does have one of those staples, must have kinds of classic flavors that will have you reach for it when you know that you're going to need a satisfaction that will be able to get you through even the longest of hot, humid days where you would have been turned into a puddle of overheated laziness otherwise. It really does offer up a flavor that will be able to satisfy you without ever becoming too overwhelming for your palate and having you regretting your morning's juice choice. So take a stroll down to your own personal orchard and gather up loads of those delightful, rejuvenating pieces of produce for yourself. Orgnx Salt E Liquid takes all of those wonderful flavors from the original Orgnx E Liquid line and has remade them with salt nicotine so that you can get that real "oomph" and satisfaction that you've been after. All of their juices are based around fruit flavors that are going to make you feel like you've just walked into a tropical breakfast buffet. Apple Ice provides you with an amplified crispness that is made to feel so effective by the addition of just the right amount of menthol. Primary Flavors: Apple, Menthol



        Package Contains: 


        • 10 x 30ml Bottles Of Orange Ice By ORGNX Salt E Liquid
        • 10 x 30ml Bottles Of Peach Ice By ORGNX Salt E Liquid 
        • 10 x 30ml Bottles Of Lychee Ice By ORGNX Salt E Liquid
        • 10 x 30ml Bottles Of Honeydew Ice By ORGNX Salt E Liquid 
        • 10 x 30ml Bottles Of Apple Ice By ORGNX Salt E Liquid