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Okami Salt E Liquid

Okami Salt E Liquid (Bundle) - Okami Salt E Liquid

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Product Description

Okami Salt E Liquid (Bundle) - Okami Salt E Liquid Wholesale


Offering exceptional quality as well as an unparalleled creativity and uniqueness, this juice line has a lot to offer and will garner a legion of loyal fans wherever it happens to go. Okami Salt E Liquid produces some of the smoothest, most full bodied and authentic flavors out there today and they do it all with the use of salt nicotine that is going to drive your taste buds completely wild. This bundle pack is going to allow you to purchase 40, 30ml bottles for only $250! That's just $6.25 per bottle! It's hard to pass up a savings that is just this unbelievable with amazing juices that hit the mark on not just taste but texture and impact. Okami Salt E Liquid has brought together the flavors that people love in such a way that they very quickly become all day, every day blends and true staples in so many different collections.

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Flavors Included:

  • Kenzo Melon - Okami Salt E Liquid: Picture it, you're back in your school days hiding that little piece of bubble gum under your tongue until the teacher turns around to write on the back board. As soon as you figured you were free and clear, you would chew it a few times and maybe if you were feeling bold enough, attempt to blow a bubble. That little bit of danger made this already yummy treat so much better and you would almost look forward to this little cat and mouse game that made the day so much more interesting. This vape juice blend recreates one of the most popular and well loved flavors that we used to bug our parents to buy us at the checkout line. It is sweet, bold and has that air of joy about it that you can't help but fall in love with. Have you ever blown a bubble that was so large that it popped and made a sticky mess all over your face? Anyone who has knows all about just how fun that it was and the struggle you ended up going through if any of it happened to get stuck into your hair. Okami Salt E Liquid makes high end vape juice blends with only the very best of the best ingredients that are going to taste so complex, realistic and well rounded whenever you are able to take an inhale and savor them slowly. Made with salt nicotine, you can be sure that you'll get that impacful satisfaction that you have been craving. Kenzo Melon has a sweet, old school bubble gum flavored base that's been infused with a hint of tropical watermelon. Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Bubble Gum
  • Apple Dior - Okami Salt E Liquid: There is something about those classics that just automatically have an air of simple, sleek, streamlined sophistication about them that makes them a staple that should be in every vapers collection. You are going to find yourself picking those flavors time after time even if you don't initially think of them as being the most exciting or stand out options but once you actually taste it and see just how high quality, versatile and pleasurable to vape that juices like this one can really be, they are going to very quickly become the most frequently reached for and well loved juices in your entire repertoire. The fruit flavor that is held within this juice tastes just like someone had taken a trip down to the orchard in the middle of the fall, climbed up a ladder and hand picked it themselves. It has an authenticity that's been bumped up a notch so that you can get as bold and impactful of an experience as you could pack into a bottle. It's going to be so easy to find your happy place when you have a blend like this ready to back you up at only a moments notice. Okami Salt E Liquid is a line of high class vape juice blends that have an extraordinary focus on ensuring that everything that they release is only the best quality possible. They make hit after hit that are all just as inspiring and down right scrumptious as the next and you are going to definitely find yourself wanting to try them all. Apple Dior is a take on the green apple, it's crisp, juicy and packed with a refreshingly tart taste. Primary Flavors: Green Apple
  • Blue Rza - Okami Salt E Liquid: The inspiration behind this juice blend is one that probably holds a near and dear place in many of our hearts. It was a summer time treat that was the ultimate way to find a little bit relief on those hot days spent running around and riding your bike through the neighborhood all day long. You would always make sure to be able to scrounge up a few coins so you could make that quick trip into the corner store and get an extra large cup that would have you on a sugar buzz that would have your parents wondering just what had gotten into you. This vape juice blend takes that original flavor that you remember and gives a bit of sophistication and complexity that is going to appeal so much more to your adult taste buds. There is a good chance that this blend could very well end up becoming your vape juice blend of the entire summer that fills up your tank day in, day out and keeps you feeling like a million bucks even though everyone who is around you is struggling to deal with the heat. Okami Salt E Liquid makes premium vape juice blends that makes some of the most interesting and complex flavor profiles that you could ever dream up. They do all of this while utilizing nicotine salts that add that extra bit of nicotine impact with every inhale that you experience. Blue Rza is that classic slushy flavor that you just can't get enough of, no matter how hard that you try. It brings together a sweet base with a bit of slightly tart, bold blue raspberry flavor that is beyond dynamic. Primary Flavors: Slushy, Blue Raspberry
  • Dolce & Guava - Okami Salt E Liquid: A little bit boujee and whole lot of delicious goes into the making of this vape juice blend that takes natural, down to earth flavors and elevates them to a whole new level of excellence. You know what kind of flavor that this is? It is one of those amazing mixed fruit juice blends that the waiter brings to you while you are relaxing poolside in your own personal cabana. Wouldn't it be nice if you were able to live your winters at some five star resort on a gorgeous private island? Now you can experience all of that wherever you happen to be in the world and it is going to taste even better than the real thing ever could. You are worth that kind of luxurious vaping experience that allows you to feel like you are really able to take a little bit of time and treat yourself. When you load this blend into your mod and inhale, the pure refreshment and revival is going to have you feeling like you just got back from a two hour long massage. It has that really nice way of being able to take over your senses and have you focusing on the bold, vibrant flavors that make it difficult to think of anything else. Okami Salt E Liquid is a brand that offers juices that are best summed up by using the word premium. Everything about them shows quality from the packaging to the flavor and texture is all on point and absolutely flawless. Dolce & Guava combines juicy, succulent mango and sweet, ripe guava to make a duo of exotic delicacies that will leave you breathless as soon as its hits your senses. Primary Flavors: Mango, Guava

                          **These products are made with salt nicotine.**


Package Contains:

  • 40 x 30ml bottles of Okami Salt E Liquid