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Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid

Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid Sample Pack - Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid

Product Description

Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid Sample Pack - Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid Wholesale

**Limit of one per customer

Relive those good old days at your local diner with this line of milkshake based juices that are so rich, creamy and smooth that you will honestly believe that you are having the real deal. One of the most amazing things about this line is the fact that they take that great creamy base and add in some new, creative flavors that are different than your typical milkshake flavors but still have the same cohesive charm. This sample pack is going to allow you to try all three of the different blend that this line offers at a great savings so that you can see just what these great blends can accomplish. You are going to feel just as luxurious and pampered as can be with some decadent juices like this around!

Flavors Included:

  • Salted Caramel - Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid - Decadence has never been so good with this juice that gives you loads of creamy, rich flavor without any of the extra calories, cavities or sore stomach feelings that usually comes along with settling into a big helping of this scrumptious dessert. Milkshakes are literally one of the most rich, luxurious treats that you can get for yourself, from the taste to the texture they are swoon worthy to say the least. Many of us have fond memories of enjoying these delicious drinks back in our youth, on awkward first dates and on those evenings where we crave something to satisfy our sweet tooths after supper. This snack that was once a rare treat can now be enjoyed as frequently as you would like and without any worries of it melting, leaking and making a sticky mess all over the place. As soon as you taste this blend for yourself you are going to feel like you're falling in love for the first time all over again. It's hard not to be in a good mood when you sit back and settle into an epic vaping session with this top notch blend by your side, giving you all of that premium goodness and so much more. Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid is the newest line from the stellar team over at Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid. They take those classic treats that we are all so familiar with and gives them some new twists and turns that are going to have you oh so happy. They have a great knack for flavor reproduction and use only the very best ingredients possible. Salted Caramel combines that tried and true milkshake base with some rich salted caramel and hints of savory graham cracker. Primary Flavors: Milkshake, Graham Cracker, Salted Caramel
  • Strawberi & Cream - Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid - If you're a traditionalist who really appreciates those classic flavors that you know and love done well, you are going to fall head over heels for this blend that is able to offer up so much delicious, smooth flavor in such an enjoyable, seductive sort of way. Who doesn't love a good milkshake? They are decadent, thick, creamy and can give you a satisfaction that's unlike anything else out there. From that first moment that you are able to take that initial inhale you will know deep down in your soul that you have found "the one". This is a staple in anyones collection and if you are someone who is always out seeking the best, new, sweet juice you will absolutely want to get your hands onto this delightful blend. This juice has so much dynamic flavor that works together in a complementary sort of way that has just the right amount of balance and brightness that makes it easier to vape over long periods of time than your typical rich blend. You are going to appreciate this juice for its way of being able to bring together these hard to make flavors and have them tasting just like you went down to your local malt shop. Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid is the latest and greatest new line from the team over at Nitro's Cold Brew. They make it their mission to come up with delightful, nostalgic milkshake based blends that will give you all of the satisfaction without any of the drawbacks so that you can have the best of both world. Strawberi & Cream is a creamy, dreamy milkshake base that's been infused with vibrant, fresh strawberries that add a whole new dimension of flavor. Primary Flavors: Milkshake, Strawberry
  • Key Lime Pie - Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid - A pie in a glass? It might seem like an odd concept at first but as soon as you see for yourself you are going to completely get it. This blend is packed with all of the flavor that you would expect from this fresh out of the oven dessert and blends it in with a decadent, diner classic that makes for an exciting new dessert flavor that is going to allow you to pick two options off of the menu. Forget about the stress of sitting there looking at a lineup of amazing sweets and having to struggle to pick just one! It's your special day and you can have just what you want whenever you have a blend like this around and can make the most of every moment whenever you can hit that fire button on your mod. You are going to be imagining those summer nights when you would walk down to your favorite, cozy little malt shop and order up a shake to go. You'd walk down the street, enjoying the light, cool breeze and savoring every straw full of thick, creamy, sweet flavor. Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid is another amazing line from the original Nitro's Cold Brew team. This time they have set out to recreate some of those delectable milkshake classics that we all know and love as well as some new, more interesting flavor combinations as well. This brand has a knack for flavor reproduction that is going to impress vapers of all experience levels and have you excited to be able to reach for them every time. Key Lime Pie takes that well known and loved milkshake base and adds in a zesty, fresh lime flavor as well as some savory graham crackers. Primary Flavors: Lime, Graham Cracker, Milkshake

Package Contains:

  • 1 x 100ml of Key Lime Pie by Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid
  • 1 x 100ml of Strawberi & Cream by Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid
  • 1 x 100ml of Salted Caramel by Nitro's Cold Brew Shakes E Liquid