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Jvapes E Liquid Bundle #2 - Jvapes E Liquid

by Jvapes E Liquid

Product Description

Jvapes E Liquid Bundle #2 - Jvapes E Liquid Wholesale 



Let out a sigh of relief, there is something so nice about having a collection that's full of exceptional quality juices that you can grab for whenever you start to crave some delectable flavor. Jvapes E Liquid is a line that makes innovative, fun and really creative vaping blends that are able to charm the taste buds of anyone who tries them. This three bottle bundle deal allows you to get try a trio of different flavors that each contain 60ml of e liquid for the price of $30.00! Every single one of them is equally as full bodied, intense and smooth so that whenever you happen to take a inhale it is going to take over your mind and have you forgetting about all of your troubles.Savings like this don't come around all of the time, don't let yourself miss out on this steal of a deal!


**Contact your Account Representative for requests on various nicotine quantities and flavor selections**


Flavors Included: 

  • Riding Nerdy - Jvapes E Liquid: Tongue pops and a puckered mouth is what you should be expecting when you take a hit of this nostalgic e liquid. RIdin' Nerdy is the e liquid that is going to remind you of one of your favorite pieces of candy that, till this day, you might be willing to binge on. This e liquid gives you the sweet and tart combination that many enjoy when indulging in a candy flavored e liquid. When you go for a pull of this e liquid, it feels as if you are pouring an entire Halloween bag filled with your favorite sweets into your mouth. The sweet tangy taste of the candy might make your mouth water, as soon as your taste buds realize this is a flavor that you are familiar with. Eventually, the tart flavors of some the piece of candy begin to crawl into your mouth to give you a sour hint. At this point, your mouth might begin to pucker, but not for a long time because this e liquid mostly focuses on giving you more sweet goodness to enjoy. As both of the sweet and tart sensations meet, they wander around your mouth for a bit to make sure they have covered every part of it and gently make their way down your throat. You cannot help but remember the many times you would get in trouble by your dentist because this candy was putting you a lollipop away from a serious cavity. As you begin to exhale, you can feel this e liquid smoothly trying to exit your mouth as it leaves a path of its sugary taste. The clouds they are forming are big and aromatic. You cannot help, but feel like you have to somehow rush the clouds a bit so that you can go for a second hit. Actually, make that a couple more hits because Ridin' Nerdy will make you want to feel like a youngest eager to get a sugar rush like no other. Primary Flavor: Candy
  • Chameleon - Jvapes E Liquid: Chameleon is the e liquid you will keep coming back to whenever you are searching for a refreshing vaping experience. The mouthwatering e liquid will make you feel as if you are indulging in a tall glass of melon juice that will clear the pallet and have you asking for more. When you take a pull, you can taste the diverse group of melons smoothly making their way into your mouth. They are a savory group, so they want to impress your taste buds first and then go to the throat. As they wander around, you begin to taste a couple hints of watermelon and perhaps a couple hints of honeydew, but nothing too overpowering to confirm you are correct. However, all you care about is relaxing with this e liquid that is making you feel as if you are on a tropical island eating these fruits straight from the source. When the e liquid finally reaches your throat, the melons become more potent and you can tell that they were ripe when they were picked to be part of this e liquid. This moment might make you feel relaxed, but you know you eventually have to breathe out. As the clouds gently begin to flow out of you and build up, you cannot help but notice the sweet hints the melons are leaving behind. The path they left as they exited out of your body also has a couple delicious hints. You watch the clouds float around for a bit before you decide to go for a couple more pulls. Your mouth might begin to salivate almost instantly the second time because your taste buds already know what to expect whenever they come in contact with Chameleon. Once you begin to indulge in this e liquid, you will understand why many have a difficult time putting it down anytime soon. Primary Flavor: Melon
  • Fruity Dragon - Jvapes E Liquid: This exotic fruit will be the star of the show, but it might need the help of a couple others in order to give you a phenomenal sensation. Fruity Dragon is the e liquid that will allow you to taste the unique dragon fruit with a couple hints of other fruits. When you take a pull of this e liquid, the dragon fruit is almost automatically potent; nothing too overwhelming, but it is making a statement. As you keep inhaling, you get a couple other fruity hints, but none of them are as noticeable as the dragon fruit. As the flavors hang out in your mouth, you can taste how rich the dragon fruit is because it might almost make your mouth water. Your taste buds might be going crazy already because they know a delicious blend when they taste one. The fruits smoothly make their way down your throat and you cannot wait to taste the extra hints once they get down. The dragon fruit is making you want to take a trip to Chinatown because you know they will have the best ripe dragon fruits there. While you are there, might as well pick up a couple other fruits and make yourself a fruit salad similar to the one you are vaping now. When you begin to exhale, you get more of the fruity hints that this e liquid has to offer. You begin to taste this lingering dragon fruit flavor that does not upset you and leaves shortly after. The clouds are getting big and the smell they are making is making you feel as if you have your nose in a bowl of an interesting fruit salad that really emphasizes on the dragon fruit addition. As the clouds slowly begin to disappear, it may be time for you to start going for a couple more hints. Come on, we know you want to! Besides, Fruity Dragon is going to give you a vaping experience that will most likely not going to compare to any of the other ones you have had in the past. Primary Flavors: Dragon Fruit, Fruit 


Package Contains: 

  • 1 x 60ml of Riding Nerdy by Jvapes E Liquid
  • 1 x 60ml of Chameleon by Jvapes E Liquid
  • 1 x 60ml of Fruity Dragon by Jvapes E Liquid