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Jvapes E Liquid Bundle #1 - Jvapes E Liquid

by Jvapes E Liquid

Product Description

Jvapes E Liquid Bundle #1 - Jvapes E Liquid Wholesale 



Ready to enjoy an incredible bundle that will be perfect for your taste buds and your wallet? You can not purchase three different flavors from the Jvapes E Liquid collection that will make your mouth water from the first pull. The three bottles will each be filled with 60ml of e liquid for the low price of only $30.00! If you are the kind of person who finds themselves always looking for the latest and greatest, most flavorful juices that you can possibly get a hold of, you are most definitely going to be able to appreciate the three juices that are held within this delightful bundle pack that has an almost unbelievable savings. There is nothing quite like having a well stocked collection of juices at your disposal, whenever you need a good blend that will be able to fit your needs and preferences throughout the day.


**Contact your Account Representative for requests on various nicotine quantities and flavor selections**


Flavors Included: 

  • Abbey Lane - Jvapes E Liquid: The berries in this e liquid are going to give you a sweet and tart sensation with a bit of creaminess to make the experience as smooth as possible. Abbey Lane is the e liquid that will give you this experience and more. When you take a pull of Abbey Lane, you can feel the creamy sensation that is making the e liquid travel smoothly throughout your body. As you keep inhaling, you can taste how ripe the berries are. Although you might not be able to specifically tell what berries were used in this blend, they are still offering a sweet and tart sensation that berry mixes usually tend to do. You can feel these berries filling up your mouth, but with the help of the creamy goodness, it may feel as if you just finished biting into a fruity pastry that is filled with only the freshest berries that could be found. The e liquid is beginning to makes it way down your throat and your taste buds are excited for your throat to get the delicious hints of flavor they just received. It feels as if you are beginning to swallow the pastry you just finished biting into and savoring. When you think it is time to exhale, you do so as slowly as possible in order to respect the craftsmanship that went into creating such a sweet and delectable blend. The clouds that are flowing out of you smell so good that you cannot help but inhale some of them through your nose as you try to get them out of your system. As the clouds begin to disappear, you go for another hit and it does not seem to disappoint when it gives the flavor that you need. Abbey Lane knows what it is doing when it gives you both a fruity yet sweet alternative when it comes to vaping. Do not settle for anything less than the vaping experience Abbey Lane will try and convince you it is one of the best you have ever had. Primary Flavors: Berry
  • Yellow Sub - Jvapes E Liquid: Might be difficult to determine the fruits that make up this e liquid, but it does not matter when the flavor taste as good as this e liquid. Yellow Sub is an e liquid that will surprise you with a variety of different flavors that will probably make your taste buds tingle with excitement. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you might not be shocked by the way Yellow Sub rushes into your mouth, so that you can taste the different hints in the blend. As you savor the e liquid, you can tell that the fruits used in the ingredients were ripe and rich. You might get a couple hints the refreshing watermelon or the juicy mango, but nothing too potent. As it slowly begins to go down your throat, it might make your mouth salivate like no other e liquid has made you salivate before. When you begin to exhale, you taste a little bit more of the sweet hints of flavor that this e liquid has to offer. The clouds are slowly getting bigger and smelling them is only making the experience better. A part of you just wants to smell the clouds all day long because they are making you feel as if you are diving into a pool filled with only the freshest of fruits. Instead, you watch them put on the show they are able to demonstrate before they have to go. Once your cloudy friends have fully disappeared, you take a second to really analyze the entire experience and how it made you feel. When you realize Yellow Sub really did its job in taking you on a fruity adventure, you decide to take a couple more hints before you decide to put it down. The flavors this e liquid is sporting will be savory and possibly irresistible. Primary Flavor: Fruit
  • Cotton Dandy - Jvapes E Liquid: How about you have one of your favorite sweet fluffy treats to get you through the day? Cotton Dandy is about to make you feel as if you are at a carnival getting the cotton candy right from the source. When you take a pull of this e liquid, it might feel as if you have stuck your head into a cotton candy machine because the way the flavor is rushing into your mouth is incredible. However, do not consider actually putting your head into one of those machines because not only does it sound dangerous, it also sounds like a sticky situation waiting to happen. As you savor the delicious cotton candy flavor, you begin to taste a sweet hint of blue raspberry trying to stand out from the potent cotton candy. Once both of these flavors begin to collide, you start to appreciate the savory taste they are giving you. The burst of flavors is making sure every part of your mouth gets a hint of it as it slowly makes its way down your throat. The e liquid is traveling smoothly and the sweetness only gets better and better. Once you think it is time to breathe again, you gently let the blend out and take advantage of the extra hints of flavors it drops as it leaves. The clouds are increasing in size and you now feel like you are the cotton candy machine creating these sweet treats for people to indulge in. Unfortunately, you are only getting the delicious smell from the clouds, but when they disappear, you can go for a couple more hints that will allow you to get this amazing experience as many times as you would like. Cotton Dandy is going to give you the sweet hints of flavor you have been searching for. Many have the ability to put this e liquid down, but will you have the strength to do so after discovering its irresistible ability? Primary Flavor: Cotton Candy, Blue Raspberry



Package Contains:

  • 1 x 60ml of Abbey Lane by Jvapes E Liquid
  • 1 x 60ml of Yellow Sub by Jvapes E Liquid
  • 1 x 60ml of Cotton Dandy by Jvapes E Liquid