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Innevape E Liquids

Innevape E Liquids (Bundle) - Innevape E Liquids

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Product Description

Innevape E Liquids (Bundle) - Innevape E Liquids Wholesale


Stock up on some really innovative and wonderful vape juice options with this bundle that brings value as well as astonishing flavor full force. With this package deal you are going to receive 10, 75ml bottles of each of the five different delectable juices that they have to offer for a grand total of 50 bottles! This entire bundle goes for $425, which is just $8.50 per bottle! This spectacular deal is something that you are definitely not going to want to miss out on for both it's out of this world savings as well as the sheer quality of the juices that are contained within it. Anyone who has the pleasure of trying any one of the different juices by Innevape E Liquids is going to immediately recognize the smooth texture, full bodied, true to form taste and the amount of time and attention to detail that has gone into the development of all of their different blends.


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Flavors Included:


  • TNT Red - Innevape E Liquids: Innevape E Liquids can give you creative different e liquids, but they can also provide you with a couple classic blends. TNT Red is one of the e liquids in the Innevape E Liquids collection that is giving you the classic tobacco blend with a couple hints of maple to add a little sweetness to it. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you almost automatically get the taste of tobacco rushing through your body because it is pretty bold. It feels as if there was a huge gust of wind and several roasted tobacco leaves just blew into your mouth. The tobacco taste is rich and before you think it can become overwhelming, you get a couple hints of the maple to sweeten you up a bit. Do not worry because the maple is not going to disguise the taste of the rich tobacco. The maple actually enhances the flavor of the tobacco and makes it taste unforgettable. When you begin to exhale, you can taste more of the bold flavor that this blend has to offer and more. The clouds are getting bigger and bigger, and it looks as if you can almost fall on them and they will carry you away. The clouds can also resemble you falling into a pile of leaves and just enjoying the whole experience. As relaxing as it sounds, the experience is over and you are back to reality. However, there is a ton of e liquid to go around, so what is stopping you from going on another trip with TNT Red? TNT Red actually comes in a menthol flavor as well, but this e liquid will prove to you that you do not need the icy sensation in order to be chilling. Innevape E Liquids is just introducing us to a blend that is familiar to many of us so that we can experience that nostalgic feeling over and over again. Primary Flavors: Tobacco
  • TNT Red Menthol - Innevape E Liquids: I do not know about you, but I can use something a little bit more refreshing. Innevapes E Liquids is known to create blends that some of us never expected will taste delecatable. However, this brand is knows how to bring it down a bit and give you classic e liquid flavors that might be familiar to some. TNT Red is one of the e liquid released in this collection, but now it is being recreated and name it TNT Red Menthol. Some people dislike menthol, but they have clearly not tried it the way Innevape E Liquids does it. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you can feel your mouth freezing over and quickly rushing down your throat. It might make the tiny hairs on your arm stand up so fast that you do not feel it. Although it might make you feel a little chilly, you suddenly feel some roasted tobacco leaves moving into your mouth as you keep pulling. It feels like you are walking through a forest of tobacco leaves, but all of a sudden it started to snow. Freezing weather conditions seem to not be damaging the tobacco, but instead, it is enhancing the flavor of it. When you think you have had enough of the e liquid, you begin to exhale and let out the cooling vapor. Make sure no one is standing next to you because the power of the freezing vapor may turn the person into ice. The clouds that are coming out of your mouth are smoothly exiting and making their way into the sky. The clouds look like they are getting a bit obnoxious, but you do not mind because when you vape with Innevape E Liquids, you know they will give you a lot of clouds. As soon as the trip is done, you go for a second pull because you still have room for some more TNT Red Menthol. Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Menthol
  • Vape My Day - Innevape E Liquids: Butterscotch used to be the worst candy you can get went trick or treating as a young kid, but now, Vape My Day is allowing you to try the flavor with a little twist. Innevape E Liquids added Vape My Day to their collection because it is a unique blend that has become irresistible to many people who have tried it. Butterscotch is not the only ingredient in this blend but it sure is one that will stand out in this e juice. When you take a pull of this e liquid, you feel as if it is Halloween all over again and all the houses just gave you pure butterscotch. What happened? Did not have time to get some good candy? As you savor the butterscotch, you start getting a couple hints of hazelnut that is making the e juice have an interesting taste. As you pull in a little more, you get the taste of caramel that is just topping everything off and making everything taste incredible. This kind of tastes like an excellent high-quality piece of candy that someone came up with. Vape My Day gives you an amazing sweet sensation that will be unforgettable. When you slowly begin to exhale, you can get a couple more hints of flavors that are left in the e liquid. As the flavors gently exit your mouth, the sweet taste is lingering a bit in your mouth. The clouds that are coming out are getting huge, but you are not worried because the aromatic smell the clouds leave make for an even more relaxing moment. Sure the clouds are a little obnoxious, but we all love a couple of those obnoxious friendly clouds once in a while. Vape My Day will allow you to take several puffs all day long because the taste will be so good to stay away from for so long. Primary Flavors: Butterscotch, Hazelnut, Caramel
  • Heisenberg Menthol - Innevape E Liquids: If you enjoy the original version of Heisenberg, then why don't we up the ante on the flavor? Heisenberg Menthol is bringing us a familiar sensation that many of us love. This e liquid is part of the Innevape E Liquids collection and it deserves to be in this group because of its unique taste. If you have not tried the original Heisenberg, then you are in for a surprise. When you take a pull of Heisenberg Menthol, you can feel a whole bunch of blue raspberries running into your mouth making sure that every spot has received its delicious taste. The blue raspberries taste fresh and they are as sweet as can be. As you keep pulling, you begin to get the chills from the menthol flavor in the e liquid. You can almost feel your mouth freezing up and making its way down your throat. The chills might run down your spine, but who knows how far it will go. Suddenly, it seems as if the menthol has turned your mouth into a winter wonderland because the blue raspberries seem to be having some sort of snowball fight. Once you begin to exhale, the winter wonderland begins to exit and so do the blue raspberries. The chills come back up from your throat and out your mouth. The blue raspberries leave but do so without forgetting to leave a little sweetness on your lips so that you can remember them. You know you won't because you are already going for the second pull. There is a lot of Heisenberg Menthol to go around, so do not be afraid to go nuts when trying out this tasty e juice. The chilling sensation actually makes the experience better and the clouds that you will be able to produce will be insane. People will wonder why are you hanging out with so many cloudy friends, but that is not of their business because you are having a good time. Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Menthol
  • Heisenberg - Innevape E Liquids: This blue colored e liquid will remind you of several things that are made from blue raspberries. Heisenberg is the name of one of the e liquids in the Innevap E Liquids collection. It has a bright blue color that may attract anyone who believes blue is the best. Taking a puff of this attractive looking e liquid will make you wish you have tried it first and never shared it with anyone. As you slowly begin to pull, you get the feeling of several blue raspberries rushing into your mouth and down your throat. They taste very sweet and you might love every second of it. It makes you feel as if you are enjoying yourself a lovely piece of blue raspberry candy. Vaping with Hesinberg is smooth and super delicious that it might be difficult to put down after the first couple pulls. The blue raspberries taste fresh and one that you will never forget. When one begins to exhale, the clouds will make you feel relaxed as they slowly float up into the sky and vanish before your very eyes. The clouds are also leaving an aromatic smell behind that you want to sniff all they long. However, instead of looking silly trying to suck the air back in, just go for a second pull. There is a ton of e liquid to go around, so if you feel like it, you can even share it. On second thought, the person you share this with might also fall in love and before you know it your supply is gone. This e liquid is even available in a menthol flavor, but this version of Heisenberg will make your taste buds go insane. What are you waiting for? Try Heisenberg and learn why this e liquid has become a popular one amongst Innevape E Liquid fans. Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry 

Package Contains:


  • 50 x 75ml bottles of Innevape E Liquids with 10 in each flavor.