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I Love Salts E Liquid

I Love Salts E Liquid (Bundle) - I Love Salts E Liquid

Product Description

I Love Salts E Liquid (Bundle) - I Love Salts E Liquid


I Love Salts E Liquid must be in a giving spirit. Thanks to their cheerful hearts, you now get 36 bottles of I Love Salts E Liquid plus a display case for the meager price of $320. Nothing else can beat this deal! In case you missed out on the deets, this delicious e juice comes from the same great minds at Mad Hatter. When the masters of the game lay their hands on salt based nicotine to give you a salt e liquid, you know the result will be extremely mad. If you haven't tried salt e liquids before, now is your time to do so for a fraction of the price. What more are you waiting for?


Flavors Included:


  • Grappleberry (Salt Nicotine) - I Love Salts E Liquid: Refreshment is only a vape away with this wonderful blend that mashes together two different flavors to make one spectacular taste that will take your breath away. Imagine wandering throughout the desert for hours on end with an empty canteen and no cactuses in sight, then you come across an oasis that has a waterfall of bold, ice cold fruit juice that you can drink until you've had your fill. We might not all be adventurers but we can definitely sympathize with that feeling of an unquenchable thirst. Grappleberry by I Love Salts E Liquid combines freshly picked off of the vine bold, sweet grapes and crisp, juicy apples to make this fruity blend that will have you feeling energized and pure. With long lasting taste and a smooth texture, this will be the key to your all day pep and positive attitude that spreads cheer and gets everything on your agenda accomplished. Primary Flavors: Apple, Grape
  • Strawberry Candy (Salt Nicotine) - I Love Salts E Liquid: The sun is shining, the snow is melted and the birds are singing. It's a beautiful spring day that is full of new beginnings and the promises of a bright, happy future. This juice embodies that fresh, renewed, carefree feeling of this wonderful season in its sweet, vibrant flavor that seems to part the clouds and make things feel happier. Strawberry Candy by I Love Salts E Liquid captures the bold, vibrant flavor that you get from ripe, natural strawberries and infuses it into a sticky, sweet gummy candy base. You are going to recognize its flavor right away and have those nostalgic feelings that make your heart skip a beat. This is that exact same candy taste that you would spend all of your allowance and any other coins that you could find stashed in your couch on. You'd run down to the candy store and get a bag filled to the brim with treats just like these and have them all gone within minutes even if you planned on trying to space them out so they would last until next week! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy
  • Sweet Tobacco (Salt Nicotine) - I Love Salts E LiquidWe can hear you shouting for joy from all the way over here! Yes, I Love Salts E Liquid has finally come out with a tobacco based blend that will come together with their use of salt nicotine to make the ultimate vape juice flavor that will help those who are trying to quit smoking do it with so much ease. This is really the answer to so many vapers prayers, salt nicotine provides more nicotine impact per puff which is far more satisfying than your average vape juice blend. This juice is the epitome of all day, every day, smooth flavor that will have your taste buds feeling pleased without being overwhelmed. Sweet Tobacco is your traditional deep, earthy, rich tobacco taste that's been infused with premium vanilla and a sweet custard to make a complimentary mixture that will have your taste buds bouncing off of the walls. Feel warm on even the coldest of days with this comforting blend that has a great way of making you feel comforted and secure. Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla, Custard
  • Fruit Cereal (Salt Nicotine) - I Love Salts E Liquid: Fruit Cereal is the best way to start any day, a good sweet cereal can do so much for your mindset and in turn make your life feel way more positive than it would without it by your side. Like a bowl of sunshine, you instantly feel uplifted and happy when you taste these flavors that remind you of all the fun that you used to have as a kid. Your responsibilities disappear for a little bit when you taste this blend and focus on the wonderfully sweet flavor that's bursting inside. I Love Salts E Liquid has really done some of their best work with this juice that has such an authentic flavor that everyone will be able to recognize and appreciate. The fact that it's made with salt nicotine pushes it over the edge and makes it ideal for anyone who likes to have a more impactful blast of nicotine added into things. Take your time, enjoy the experience and forget about the stress of having to shovel your cereal into your mouth as fast as possible to avoid any sogginess. Primary Flavors: Fruit, Cereal, Milk
  • Spearmint Gum (Salt Nicotine) - I Love Salts E LiquidRegardless of what kind of vaper you are and how many different juices that you have in your collection, you need to have a good minty blend to draw for whenever you need a little freshness in your life. This is a must have staple that's really worth its weight in gold and will find itself filling up your mod over and over again. Not only is it delicious but it's also fabulous for helping to freshen up your breath and give you a jolt of invigoration that will have you going from tired and lethargic to wide awake and ready to get to it! There is nothing better than being able to get the most bang for your buck and having the comfort of being prepared for any situation. Spearmint Gum by I Love Salts E Liquid recreates that classic sweet, minty gum flavor that we all love seamlessly. It has a really impactful flavor that hits your senses and makes you feel like every single cell in your body is awakened. One of the most fabulous things about this blend is that you get all of the taste that you know and love without it ever going dull or losing its flavor. Primary Flavors: Mint
  • Juicy Apples (Salt Nicotine) - I Love Salts E Liquid: It doesn't get more simple, pure or delicious than this blend that brings us back to nature and showcases how amazing a well made vape juice blend can be. If you are new to vaping all together or someone who has been around the block a few times and think that they've seen it all, there is value in a sturdy basic. This is the sort of blend that is going to come in handy all of the time. On those days where you're struggling before having to head out the door going back and forth between what juice do you want to bring along with you, you can just load this juice into your tank and know that you are going to feel satisfied and happy to be able to vape this blend.  All of the blends in this line are made with salt nicotine so that you are able to get a much higher nicotine amount with every puff that you take. This blend is nothing but pure, natural, full tasting apple realness that will have you thinking back to when you'd be driving around on your bike and see a big, luscious apple tree with the ripest, shiniest apples that were ready to be picked! Primary Flavors: Apple


Package Contains:

  • 36 x I Love Salts E Liquid (6 of each flavor)
  • 1 x I Love Salts Display Case 



***This product contains salt nicotine***