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Hometown Hero E Liquid

Hometown Hero E Liquid Bundle - Hometown Hero E Liquid

This product is not available

Product Description

Hometown Hero E Liquid Bundle - Hometown Hero E Liquid Wholesale


**1 bundle limit per store**

In each of the 10 flavors you are getting: 
1x 0mg 
3x 3mg 
2x 6mg

 **Bundle is not customizable or able to edit quantities or flavors**

What are you going to when you find out what you are going to get in this bundle? Hometown Hero E Liquid has created several blends that many of us love vaping with all day long. However, now they are releasing this bundle that is going to make you get excited. You are going to receive ten of the different flavors that this collection has to offer. Every flavor are going to come in groups of six, which means that you are going to receive 60bottles of e liquid. Each bottle contains 60ml of e liquid, which means you are going to have a total of 3,600ml of e liquid! That is a ton of e liquid available at the affordable price of $99.99. Although this is an amazing bundle, you have to act fast and get it now because it is not going to last forever. 


Flavors Include:


  • Witch Doctor - Hometown Hero E Liquid - Chocolate is a wonder food. It’s a top contender when it comes to favorites—lots of people say chocolate is their number one food choice. Whether you like dark, milk, or white, chocolate is a fantastic craving satisfier, and flavor sensation that can stand on its own (how many varieties are there of plain, simple, sweet chocolate?). However, it also serves as a perfect flavor enhancer, too. Chocolate can bring out the sweetness in flavors that have a more muted, but still sweet, taste (like graham crackers, for instance). But it can also counteract flavors that are much more bitter, like coffee—mocha is a mix of dark coffee, chocolate, and milk, so the allure is strong. Witch Doctor, by Hometown Hero, is an example of the latter; it explores the magic of chocolate to make a harsher flavor more mild and enjoyable. Witch Doctor mixes chocolate with the heady taste of tobacco to create a rich flavor with just a touch of sweetness. It’s perfect for people that enjoy the smell and taste of tobacco, but think it is a bit too harsh for typical vaping. The chocolate and tobacco balance each other out beautifully, creating a blend that isn’t too sweet but isn’t too dark, either. Even if you aren’t a big fan of chocolate (don’t feel ignored, chocolate haters; we are here for you!), the overall flavor profile is not like a candy bar; instead, it’s just a hint of sweetness to maximize your tobacco taste experience. Hometown Hero is a brand that cares about creating high-quality vapes. They use only the best ingredients and strive to provide an e-juice that will give you a silky-smooth vape during every single session. Witch Doctor is one of the best tobacco blends you will find! So light up your vaping experience (literally and figuratively) with a vape flavor that will give you all the taste you are looking for! Primary Flavors: Chocolate, Tobacco
  • Red Dream - Hometown Hero E Liquid - Red Dream is one of the most unusual flavor combinations you will find in the vaping world. However, it is also one of Hometown Hero’s best-selling flavors, which means that people who try it end up loving it—and keep coming back for more. Red Dream is a strawberry-and-cream blend; it has a rich, dense flavor with the perfect balance of sweet and tart. You’re probably thinking, “Strawberry cream? Pfft, there are tons of flavors like that! Why is Red Dream special?” That’s a great question! You see, Red Dream isn’t JUST strawberry cream; this flavor profile is combined with the taste of kettlecorn to add a savory-sweet layer to a creamy blend. Kettlecorn is a special snack, made with the airy taste of popcorn. Instead of being slathered in butter and salt, however, kettlecorn is coated with a light layer of sugar. The combination makes for a delicate but filling snack that is perfect for people that want a little sweetness without going overboard. The combination of kettlecorn and strawberries and cream sounds insane—but it’s actually an amazing partnership of flavors. The two different mixtures compliment without competing with each other. You end up with a savory, creamy, sweet treat that is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Hometown Hero loves playing with flavor combinations, from classic to unique, and Red Dream is definitely an example of the latter. It’s a rich, remarkable blend—one that appeals to people who like fruity, sweet, or creamy tastes in their vapes. Curiosity might bring you to Red Dream, but enjoyment will be what brings you back again and again. It’s a vape flavor you can’t find anywhere else—a one-of-a-kind taste from Hometown Hero. Stock up on this blend, because you will not want to be without this e-juice after you have tried it. Grab a bottle (or five) today! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Cream, Kettlecorn
  • Ambrosia - Hometown Hero E Liquid - Ambrosia is a flavor of mythical portions. It has been known for centuries as “the nectar of the gods,” and is renowned for being the most delicious taste you can imagine. The exact ingredients are a mystery—you have to use your imagination to picture a flavor that is so good, even ancient Greek gods enjoyed it. Lots of people and companies have tried to create their own versions, and Hometown Hero is no exception. Their Ambrosia blend is a combination of succulent, sweet tastes—flavors that are found in nature but are rarely put together. Tart, sweet strawberries form the base for this flavor profile; they create a solid foundation for the entire vape. Next, lush, mellow melon is mixed with the strawberry. Melons like cantaloupe and honeydew make for an almost creamy, fruity taste that enriches the strawberry tartness and makes it a more smooth, delicate vape. Last, citrus is mixed in with the strawberry and melon flavors, adding a little dash of acidic, sour flavor. The three tastes together are completely different—sour, sweet, and creamy—but they combine beautifully, creating a succulent, rich taste. It makes for a fruity blend that isn’t too overpowering; it’s just the right amount of tang to really hit the spot. It’s another Hometown Hero favorite: a nuanced entry for the title of Ambrosia. While fruit combos are fairly common in the vaping world, few mix citrus with berries and melon; it’s a surprising taste that makes you feel mellow and relaxed. You’ll soon feel like an ancient Greek god yourself, relaxing on a mountain and enjoying a sweet taste while others run around, serving you. Of course, that won’t really happen—but there’s no reason you can’t pretend when you’ve got Ambrosia in your pocket. Live out your Greek god fantasies with this superior blend; all you’ll be missing is someone to feed you grapes! Primary Flavors: Melon, Strawberry, Citrus
  • Angel Tears - Hometown Hero E Liquid - Have you ever tried a coconut? It’s a unique question, because there are a lot of parts of coconut to try: for instance, you can drink the milk, for a creamy taste sensation. Or you can extract coconut water if you are looking for something a little lighter and sweeter. Coconut water has become a popular drink (and drink flavor) because of its plain taste with a hint of sweetness. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even consume the meat of the coconut; it seems that deep-frying the meat is a popular choice, especially when served with ice cream. Whatever method you choose, coconuts make for a fun treat—slightly sweet, creamy, and refreshing. But coconuts also have a slightly bland taste that makes them prime mixing flavors. Angel Tears is Hometown Hero’s tribute to the wonderful, versatile coconut. It’s the main flavor in this smooth blend; and, while it provides a nice taste, it can definitely undergo a flavor explosion with supplementary tastes. Angel Tears mixes watermelon and red berries to the coconut taste, creating a brand-new way to enjoy coconut. The juicy, bright watermelon is the perfect compliment to the creamy taste. Red berries add a tart, sweet edge to the rather mild flavor pairing. You are left with a light, fruity blend that takes the coconut taste and enhances it. It’s a refreshing taste that is enjoyable at any time during the day. You’re also going to get a rich vape that makes for an easy hit, time after time. So wrap yourself up in a fruity, coconut flavor that will fill you with pleasure, and get a bottle of this e-juice. You will definitely want to experience this cheerful blend yourself; and once you try it once, you won’t be able to stay away! Get a sweet treat with Angel Tears! Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Coconut, Strawberry
  • Angel's Breath - Hometown Hero E Liquid - After the wild success of Angel Tears, Hometown Hero decided to create a similar blend of scrumptious flavors—but with an added kick of something extra. Thus was born Angel’s Breath: the spiritual sister to Angel Tears. This blend builds on the original flavor found in Angel Tears, so you are getting vape that is an exotic blend of coconut and watermelon, with just a hint of ripe, red berries to sweeten the flavor. It’s a mellow, easy blend, perfect for people that like fruity vapes, but are a bit bored of your more typical fruit combinations. So just what makes Angel’s Breath so different from Angel Tears? Well, Angel’s Breath takes the original flavor, but adds an icy kick to the entire thing. You get the same coconut, watermelon, and berry combination with an extra, zesty splash of menthol. It will almost feel like you are taking a deep drink from some sort of blended, fruity drink: it’s like an especially unique daiquiri. You’ll be able to imagine yourself drinking this flavor out of a coconut shell—little pink umbrella optional, but encouraged. Angel Tears is like your own island treat, tucked inside your pocket and available whenever you want it. With a smooth hit and a sweet exhale, this e-juice is bound to delight your senses while giving you a minty fresh flavor. It’s the perfect way to finish a meal: you get a breath-refreshing taste that goes with anything. Hometown Hero is highly regarded for their unique flavors and full-bodied vapes. You are sure to get a vaping session that gives you voluminous, thick clouds while still packing in as much flavor as possible. Angel’s Breath is sure to become one of your favorite iced blends, so get your own bottle today and enjoy a tropical treat on us! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Watermelon, Berry, Menthol
  • Sun Drops - Hometown Hero E Liquid - Nothing says summer like a glass of iced tea (or hot tea, if that’s your preference). It’s a special treat, perfect for when you want something dark and flavorful but refreshing, too. Tea is also a fantastic alternative for coffee. You can make iced coffee, of course, but it is a whole, elaborate process, and you still might end up with an unpleasant taste. Iced tea is a much easier, equally tasty treat. And the nice thing about tea is that you can sweeten it up however you want—whether you choose flavored syrup, sweet fruit, or just sugar, plain and simple. Sun Drops by Hometown Hero wants to give you a refreshing e-juice that is inspired by the simple flavors in sweet tea. Whether you like your tea hot or cold, Sun Drops takes the mild taste of tea and adds a bit of sugar to give you a sweet, bold tea flavor. There is more to this blend, however—a shot of passion fruit separates this vape from all the other, typical flavors that are tea-centered. It’s a tart, floral taste; a bit like a mango, or a guava fruit. The sweet addition of passion fruit makes for a bright, summery blend that you can enjoy whenever you want. Sun Drops is the perfect flavor for people that want to capture that summer feeling year-round; you can enjoy a delicate vape that makes you think of sunny early mornings and ripe fruit hanging off trees. All the juices from Hometown Hero are destined to give you a smooth, even vaping session that soothes your senses, without compromising on taste. You can get both with a blend from Hometown Hero. Bring summer into your life—permanently—with the Sun Drops blend. Once you try it, you’ll want to vape with it again and again! Primary Flavors: Tea, Passion Fruit
  • Legend - Hometown Hero E Liquid - Every now and then, a vape flavor comes along that changes the game. It brings a taste combination so stellar, and so delicious, that you can’t help but admire it. This blend becomes an instant classic, and shoots to the top of everyone’s flavor list. Maybe there are others like it, or maybe it’s a one-of-a-kind taste that no one can replicate; whatever the case, there is always one shining example of the most perfect flavor blend available. Legend, an e-juice from Hometown Hero, is one such blend. Legend is a mixture of two tantalizing tastes, wrapped up in a luscious e-juice. Rich, creamy banana has been caramelized in sugar, creating a hard edge to a mild fruit. It’s like a maxed-out version of a banana—sweet and mellow. This syrupy banana flavor is mixed with the bold flavor of rum, creating a fabulous recreation of a famous dessert. The Legend e-juice is a banana-and-rum taste without the alcohol; it’s a decadent treat you can enjoy anywhere. Just thinking about this caramelized banana taste, accented with sweet rum, makes your mouth water. Not only is this vape alcohol free, it is also free from calories—so there is no need to worry about overindulging; you can savor a rich hit from this blend again and again. It will always taste decadent and rich, with flavorful smoke production and an even vape; Hometown Hero is dedicated to high-quality juices. It’s the sweetest dessert vape you’ll ever experience—one vape and you’ll be craving this vape every day. Legend is a unique flavor experience that will be hard to find anywhere else—and even if you do find a similar taste somewhere, the quality of this blend will be hard to beat. Get your hands on (a) Legend and see what we mean—we’re sure you’ll agree! Primary Flavors: Banana, Rum
  • Crispy Treats - Hometown Hero E Liquid - When you were a kid, nothing tasted better than a special snack, made just for you by your mom or dad. Maybe you were blessed with a parent that was incredibly good in the kitchen—your own culinary whiz that could just look at a meal and know, instantly, how to make it. Or, maybe your parent was a little less gifted in the kitchen; maybe they struggled to make edible pasta, no matter how many recipes they looked at. But there was one snack that anyone could make, regardless of skill level: from pro to amateur, they know how to nail this one treat. All you need is a box of crispy rice cereal and a pan of melted marshmallows: that’s it. With these two ingredients, you can create a classic snack that is sweet, gooey, and with a slight crunch that adds a bit of texture and personality to your piece. The sweet, crispy treat from childhood is the primary flavor in Crispy Treats, an e-juice blend from Hometown Hero. It takes the buttery taste of rice cereal and mixes it with the sweet flavor of marshmallow to capture the taste of your mom’s classic homemade dessert. This blend gives you the same rush of nostalgic delight, but there are no calories and no sticky mess—just an intense taste you can enjoy without melting anything. You can indulge in this flavor as often as you like; it’s a sugar-free blend that won’t leave you with a stomachache from eating too much of it (which you probably did as a kid). It’s a sweet, full vaping experience, with intense smoothness on every inhalation. Crispy Treats is a wonderful balance of sweet and buttery; it’s delicate, rich, and delicious. You’ll have no regrets when you grab this bottle for your collection. So enjoy a crispy treat whenever you feel like it—with Crispy Treats, you’ll love it from start to finish! Primary Flavors: Cereal, Marshmallow
  • Why So Cereal? - Hometown Hero E Liquid - There are a million different cereal e-juices on the market, from tons and tons of different brands. While there is plenty of variation in the final flavor, there is a sort of similarity with all of them. And they are all perfectly tasty, without a doubt; if you are looking for a fruity cereal taste with a milky bite, you have lots to choose from. But Hometown Hero wanted to do something more. They wanted to create the king of cereal vapes—something that includes all the good stuff from the competitors but adds a special, Hometown Hero-twist to really kick things up to the next level. That is how they came up with Why So Cereal? It’s a fun, fruity blend that captures the magic of your favorite childhood breakfast. This blend combines crunchy, fresh-out-of-the-box cereal taste with tart, juicy raspberry. The raspberry flavoring brings out the fruity taste in the cereal, creating a sweet, crispy taste that is just missing one thing: a glass of milk. But don’t worry! Why So Cereal? has thrown in the missing ingredient, by including a creamy milk flavor to complement the cereal taste. You get a smooth, milky blend that boosts the cereal sweetness, and that ties the whole thing together perfectly. And with a blend from Hometown Hero, you are getting high-quality ingredients that ensure you get intense flavor saturation with incredible, dense smoke production. It’s a sweet, creamy treat that blows the other cereal vapes out of the water. The tangy taste of raspberries pushes Why So Cereal? to the next level in fun cereal vapes. It’s a childhood favorite with an adult twist. This blend will be your new favorite cereal flavor, so get your own bottle today and delight in the incredible taste this e-juice has to offer! Primary Flavors: Cereal, Raspberry, Milk
  • Wild Buffalo - Hometown Hero E Liquid - The name Wild Buffalo is a bit misleading. You might conjure images of buffalo wings, covered in spicy barbeque sauce; it’s a fantastic meal, but it might be a questionable vape. After all, inhaling a big breath of spices would probably not feel, or taste, great. But Hometown Hero’s Wild Buffalo blend is not a take on spicy bar food. It’s something much, much better—and definitely a lot more palatable. Wild Buffalo is the rich, sweet tribute to a frothy, cold root beer float. It’s a childhood classic that has been around for as long as there has been root beer and ice cream, and it is just as delicious now as it was way back then. Soft, creamy vanilla ice cream is mixed with smooth root beer, making for a dessert vape that is as flavorful as the original drink you’ve always enjoyed. Hometown Hero is passionate about combining rich flavor with a smooth, even vaping experience; Wild Buffalo keeps its intense flavor profile while giving a great hit every time. Even if it’s been a while since you’ve had a root beer float, you can probably picture the thick, sweet taste of it without any trouble. And, as good as floats are, they aren’t always a reasonable choice, since they are so sugary and fattening. Fortunately, there’s no need to worry about that when it comes to this scrumptious vape; there are no calories, sugar, or dirty dishes with Wild Buffalo—just a rich and creamy taste in a silky-smooth vape. Get a bottle of Wild Buffalo, so you can go back to a simpler time—no one can turn the clock around, but you can take a quick break and recapture the joyful taste and experience of being a kid and tasting your first root beer float. It’s a surefire win for people looking for something nostalgic but sweet, so stock up today! Primary Flavors: Root Beer, Ice Cream


Package Contains: 


  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Witch Doctor By Hometown Hero E Liquid
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Red Dream By Hometown Hero E Liquid 
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Ambrosia By Hometown Hero E Liquid
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Angel Tears By Hometown Hero E Liquid
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Angel's Breath By Hometown Hero E Liquid 
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Sun Drops By Hometown Hero E Liquid 
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Legend By Hometown Hero E Liquid 
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Crispy Treats By Hometown Hero E Liquid 
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Why So Cereal? By Hometown Hero E Liquid 
  • 6 x 60ml Bottles Of Wild Buffalo By Hometown Hero E Liquid