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Fuggin Vapor E Liquid Bundle (8400ml) - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid

by Fuggin Vapor E Liquid

Product Description

Fuggin Vapor E Liquid Bundle (8400ml) - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid Wholesale


This bundle by Fuggin Vapor E Liquid gves you 70 bottles for a whopping price of $599. Fuggin Vapor is obviously in a giving spirit and we are totally here for it. Why spend hours thinking about what flavors to get when you can have them all for a pretty affordable price. Whether you're in the mood for G.I Juice, Little Vape Shop of Horrors or the reknowned Fuggin Vapor, this bundle has got you covered. What do you say we start the season right with a plethora of delectable tastes? Start shopping if you're down.


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Flavors Included:


  • Fuggin Donuts - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Fuggin Donuts is a fresh and hot Donut dessert flavor topped with pink strawberry frosting and colored sprinkles. It’s soft and light texture that makes it an all day vape e-liquid. Grab one and enjoy the delicious taste of Donut! Primary Flavors: Donut, Strawberry
  • Shake Dat Ass - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: The popular and the Fuggin’s number one seller, “Shake Dat Ass”. It is a subtle flavors of ripe sweet strawberries blended with creamy milkshake. It’s an all day vape that will give you the satisfaction without overpowering any flavors. Primary Flavors: Milk Shake, Strawberry
  • Rainbow Road - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: It’s the ultimate berry fruity and creamy e-liquid from Rainbow Road! It is a combined cream and fruity flavors of tangy pineapple, blue, pink, orange and raspberry. It’s like a rainbow of flavors extracted and meticulously put together inside a bottle. Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Ice Cream, Orange, Pineapple, Raspberry, Cream
  • Blue Waffle - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: A berrylicious treat to your taste buds with this Blue Waffle. Hot blueberry waffle from the waffle maker right straight to you palate, topped with smooth whipped cream. Taste the freshness of every drop with this all day vape e liquid! Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Cream, Waffle
  • BJ - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Ready your taste buds with BJ! Expect the tangy flavor of blackberry combined with the sweet taste of hard candy. A perfect combination of flavors for an all day vape experience! Comes with a variety of sizes and nicotine strength. Primary Flavors: Blackberry, Candy
  • Trouble Bubble - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Trouble Bubble your way to almost chewing on this flavor experience. Rich flavors that just cascade an evolving experience for even the most candy loving of vapers. Chewy, bubble popping, ultra fun bubble gum is a favorite for all ages. Remember bubble contests with your friends? With this fabulous vape juice you can now have cloud contests with your friends. Primary Flavors: Candy, Bubble Gum
  • Money Maker - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Refresh yourself with this cool and delicious fruit smoothie from Money Maker! It’s a perfect blend of sweet green apple, grapes and kiwi. Chilled to give you the coolness for an all day vape experience. Primary Flavors: Apple, Grape, Kiwi
  • OJ Creamson - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Coolness overload! Prepare your palate with the perfect balance of sweet and orange citrus with smooth vanilla cream on a popsicle. Taste the freshness of every drop with the coolness of popsicle. Primary Flavors: Orange, Cream, Popsicle
  • CheeBerry - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Cheesecake and strawberry lovers are ecstatic to taste this dessert flavored CheeBerry e-liquid! This is a New York style cheesecake drizzled with strawberry syrup and topped with fresh strawberries. This e-liquid is a great choice for vapers who like a decadent dessert flavor but not too sweet like any others in the market. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Cheesecake
  • Melon Taffy Tail - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Relax and refresh yourself with watermelon e-juice from Melon Taffy Tail! It is a delicious mixture of juicy watermelon and chewy taffy candy. A perfect summer thirst quencher vape experience. Primary Flavors: Candy, Watermelon
  • Raspy Lemonade - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Refresh & revitalize your senses with this sweet lemonade from Raspy Lemonade! It’s a classic mixture of sweet raspberries and tangy yet smooth lemons. One of a kind thirst quencher that you don’t like to miss! Primary Flavors: Lemon, Lemonade, Raspberry
  • Let's Get it On - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Let's Get it On! The sweet and hot pink strawberries delicately mixed with pink champagne will give you the spirit of sexiness that will keep you wanting for more. This cool and delicious vape is worth in every penny! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Champagne
  • Lemon Drop - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Lemon Drop will take you back to the old good days, a unique sour e-juice that leaves your mouth watering combined with sweet hard candy that balances the sourness. On the inhale you will taste the sweetness and a tangy citrus on the exhale. Primary Flavors: Candy, Lemon 
  • In Da Loop - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: In Da Loop is a breakfast vape that contains fruity loops cereal and creamy milk. It’s perfect for cereal lovers with that enjoy fruity flavors. Primary Flavors: Cereal, Milk, Mixed Fruit
  • Mr. Bombtastic - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Your favorite frozen summer treat is now in vape juice form! That patriotic trio of red, white and blue has been cooling down and quenching thirsts for years now and has a special spot in all of our hearts. A bold cherry flavor on top, sweet lemonade in the middle and that amazing blue raspberry popsicle on the bottom. Mr. Bombtastic is a fun, fruity snack that has been fully represented with the respect it deserves by Fuggin Vapor E Liquid. Primary Flavors: Cherry, Lemonade, Blue Raspberry.
  • Fuzzy Navel - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Fuzzy Navel is a delicate mix of drinks from the finest peach schnapps combined with orange juice and a dash of lemonade. It’s a smooth and refreshing flavor that will surely give you a kick! Primary Flavors: Lemonade, Orange, Peach
  • Cereal Vapist - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Cereal Vapist brings together all of the delicious cereal flavors you could dream of into one amazing blend. Sugary, fruity and all around scrumptious, one vape of this juice blend and you'll instantly be taken on an extreme nostalgia trip. Have all of the cavity-inducing yumminess you dream of in one easy, convenient and worry free vape. Primary Flavors: Cereal, Mixed Fruit 
  • BlueGurt - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: If you are a Yogurt lover, BlueGurt will surely the best for you! It’s a mixture of creamy yogurt and fresh blueberry. The inhale is the dominant taste of yogurt, the exhale is a mixture of both yogurt and blueberry. It is a light all day vape experience. Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Yogurt 
  • Inside Peanut Butter Outside Jelly - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Indulge yourself with this classic peanut butter and sweet jelly blended together for perfection. Smooth and sweet e-liquids you’ve wanted to vape all day long! Primary Flavors: Peanut Butter, Jelly
  • Lucky Marshmallow Cereal - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Are you Lucky? Grab our good luck charm, the Lucky Marshmallow! This is a magical cereal with the combination of crunchy oats and multi colored marshmallows. Taste the sweetness of your LUCK! Primary Flavors: Cereal, Marshmallow
  • Jaws - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Jaws is a very unique candy flavor, sweet with smooth and sugary candy undertone. You will surely enjoy the taste of gummy shark jawbreaker candy. Primary Flavors: Candy
  • Tarty Pants - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Tarty Pants serves up a fruity and candied experience in a bubbly soda. Take your love for these flavors to the next level and you'll never set them down again. A fruity carbonated beverage that's jam packed with sweet, candy goodness that will put your taste buds on overdrive. Primary Flavors: Fruit, Soda
  • Strawkiwi Swirl - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: A rich tropical experience that blends tropical fruits with seasonal fruit for all year round all day vape. Strawkiki Swirl is alone in its melange of flavors.Fuggin Vapor E Liquid has done a fantastic job blending together these ripe fruity flavors with rich, creamy yogurt. A smoothie in vape form, perfect for making big, happy clouds. Primary Flavors: Kiwi, Strawberry, Yogurt.
  • Green Goblin - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Oh my Gushers are here! We will bring back your childhood memories with your favorite candy flavor but this time with a twist. This sweet and green gooey gusher is perfect for sweet tooth lovers! Primary Flavors: Candy
  • Berry Crunchy - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: A Berry Crunchy breakfast flavors! It’s a mixture of berries in a form of cereals perfect for nutritious breakfast experience. Grab one and enjoy the taste of berries all day! Primary Flavors: Apple, Blueberry, Cereal, Grape, Strawberry
  • Cinna - Winna - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Cinna – Winna is a pleasant mixture of sweet churros topped with green apple with a hint of buttery cream. The sweetness is just right enough as expected. Your taste buds will surely keep you coming back for more! Primary Flavors: Apple, Churro, Butter, Cream
  • Taffed Out - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Taffed Out delivers a grape candy salt water taffy candy goodness. The untouchable potency of grapes with a candy base pairs up for an ultra sweetened experience. Chewy, sticky taffy is a classic confectionary favorite so sweet, creamy and fun to eat! Fuggin Vapor E Liquid did an exceptional job making this fantastical treat! Primary Flavors: Grape
  • Strawberry Cream Nog - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Strawberry Cream Nog is a complex combination of fresh strawberry and sweet and spiced milky egg drink with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg flavors. Enjoy the richness of this e-juice and you will keep coming back for more! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Egg Nog, Cinnamon, Nutmeg
  • Tricks Treats - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: Cereal fanatics, this is a juice you absolutely have to try. Tricks Treats by Fuggin Vapor E Liquid is a mix of the famous fruity cereal with crunchy rice crisps and ooey gooey marshmallows that's a new twist on an old favorite dessert. So fun, playful and scrumptious, you'll feel like a kid again! Primary Flavors: Mixed Fruit, Cereal, Marshmallow 
  • Fish Bowl - Fuggin Vapor E Liquid: You know those multi colored fish shaped gummies that have you eating them until the entire bag is empty? Fish Bowl by Fuggin Vapor E Liquid is a spot on recreation of the tempting treats, full of bold fruity flavor you will want to make this sweet, intense vape juice blend your daily companion. Primary Flavors: Mixed Fruit, Candy 
  • Commando - G.I. Juice: If you're looking for a new day to day tobacco based vape juice blend that will never, ever become boring, Commando by G.I. Juice is the perfect choice for you! Deep, aromatic, authentic flavored tobacco is mixed with premium vanilla for a well balanced blend. Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Vanilla
  • MOAB - G.I. Juice: This vape juice is non stop, never quitting flavor at its absolute finest! MOAB by G.I. Juice is a unique and complementary combination of sweet pink bubble gum and electrifying lemonade energy drink flavors that will make you want to get up and move! Primary Flavors: Bubble Gum, Lemonade
  • Jarhead - G.I. Juice: Green apple flavor to the extreme! Jarhead by G.I. Juice takes natural, pure freshly picked green apples and blends them together with green apple flavored hard candy for the most intense, multidimensional flavor experience that you can't miss out on! Primary Flavors: Green Apple 
  • GI Jane - G.I. Juice: Skip that expensive vacation and get that full tropical experience in this convenient vape juice! GI Jane by G.I. Juice is a blend of dragon fruit, juicy watermelon, succulent peach and exotic pineapple that's sweet, natural and pure. The perfect vibrant combination that will give you lots of energy. Primary Flavors: Dragon Fruit, Watermelon, Peach, Pineapple
  • Fubar - G.I. Juice: Fresh, fruity and full of fabulous fruity flavor! Fubar by G.I. Juice is a mash up of light, sweet, crisp pears and exotic, succulent guava that will have your taste buds on over drive! So pure, natural and absolutely delicious, you'll feel like you're on a tropical vacation. Primary Flavors: Pear, Guava
  • I Know What You Dripped Last Summer - Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid: This vape juice blend brings, unique, delicious flavor with a vengeance! I Know What You Dripped Last Summer by Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid is a sweet, strawberry flavored marshmallow and rice cereal square that takes the classic, sticky dessert and adds a dose of vibrant, fruity flavor that kicks things up a notch and works perfectly. Give in to your cravings and grab yourself a yummy vape. Primary Flavors: Cereal, Marshmallow, Strawberry 
  • Nightmare on Vape Street - Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid: This vape juice may be called Nighmare on Vape Street but it's a dream come true! Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid has devised this wonderful vape juice blend with pure pleasure in mind. With a completely authentic tasting strawberry chew candy flavor you can get all of that vibrant, sweet taste you crave, cavity free. Skip trick or treating this year, you can get the candy you want on the go! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Candy 
  • Texas Vapesaw Massacre - Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid: Let this amazing combination of fruity flavor rip through your taste buds with its chainsaw of yumminess! Texas Vapesaw Massacre by Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid brings together a unique but extremely complementary combination of zesty, tart orange and ripe red raspberries to make a juice blend that's so revitalizing and clean tasting that you'll be bringing it along with you wherever you go. Primary Flavor: Orange, Raspberry 
  • The Silence of the Clouds - Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid: You won't be able to keep quiet about this fantastic new flavor by Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid. The Silence of the Clouds is a blend that will make your taste buds go into overdrive, that beloved blue raspberry slushy flavor that we all connect with summertime refreshment is given a jolt of sour, mouth puckering goodness. One vape of this scarily delicious juice and you'll be completely shook! Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Slushy
  • Urban Legends - Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid: This vape juice blend is the stuff of legends! Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid came up with Urban Legends to please all of those vapers who like a nostalgic candy flavor that will remind them of trick or treating on a crisp Halloween evening. With a bold, fruity popping rock candy flavor you're going to be brought back to a simpler time when candy was your top priority over everything else. Primary Flavors: Mixed Fruit



Package Contains:


  • 70 x 120ml bottles from your choice of Fuggin Vapor E Liquid, G.I.Juice or Little Vape Shop of Horrors E Liquid
  • T-Shirts
  • Snapbacks