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Forseti E Liquid

Forseti E Liquid Bundle - Forseti E Liquid

Product Description

Forseti E Liquid Bundle - Forseti E Liquid Wholesale

Find your sweet spot with this inspiring bundle of juices that has so much flavor to offer that you might not know quite what to do with it. Forseti E Liquid is a brand that has really been able to do something special by taking top notch ingredients and a whole lot of time to fine tune and perfect each and every last one of their juice recipes. This pack is going to give you 6 of each of their enchanting flavors with 1 in 0mg, 3 in 3mg and 6 in 6mg. The savings that you will be getting is out of this bundle is really impressive and it is going to allow you to really stock up and have some sensational blends around that will be popular amongst anyone who loves sweet tastes that have a gourmet flair.

Flavors Included: 

  • No. 405 – Forseti E Liquid - The three little elves that worked so hard to make you smile at breakfast, lunch, or whenever you needed a delicious snack with their prodigies of puffed rice were your heroes as a child. If they still are, then you may be setting the bar kind of low for the best figures to serves as role models. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy their gooey blend of marshmallow and cereal whenever you feel like it without worrying about the residue sticking to your clothes and fingers. To solve this conundrum, we present No. 405 e liquid. No. 405 gives that classic taste of melted marshmallow that melds perfectly with the crunchy, sweet flavor of puffed rice to send your palate into a frenzy of frivolous dessert fanaticism. Imagine having an e juice that produced a vapor that smelled and tasted like the gooey treats we’ve always loved. If that weren’t enough for you, the makers of No. 405 e liquid took it one step further by adding hints of fresh berries to the mix. By adding fresh berries, the makers were able to brighten the flavor profile giving it additional elements of boldness, ripeness and natural sugar. Now the little elves from your childhood have just been outdone by the simple addition of a few berries thrown into the mix. When you inhale the vapor from No. 405 e liquid you’ll get that light and fluffy flavor of marshmallow as it dances around your palate, assisted by the crisp elements of puffed rice. You’ll get to taste the sweet natural nectar as the flavor of fresh berries blaze onto the scene and leave you confident in your purchase of No. 405 e liquid. Primary Flavors: Cereal, Marshmallow, Berries
  • No. 315 – Forseti E Liquid - I scream. You scream. We all scream…you get where this is headed. Just because it has become a somewhat annoying anthem for America’s favorite frozen treat doesn’t make us any less fond of its icy wonder. One of the best parts about ice cream are the multiple ways in which it can be paired and served with other, toppings, sauces and ingredients. You can go simple with a delightful chocolate sauce or go big with chocolate, caramel, sprinkles, nuts, bananas, whipped cream and the cute cherry on top. However, the makers of No. 315 e liquid saw no need to complicate a time-tested combo when they combined the delicious flavors of vanilla ice cream and strawberries together. Sure, these two sweet tooth teasers were just fine and frequently enjoyed on their own, but it’s when they are paired together in an elegant and tasty e juice that their prominent properties coincide with one another and build a flavor that takes the best parts of each, while not taking anything away from either. Inhale No. 315 e liquid and the sweet, familiar flavor of vanilla ice cream will roll from the front to the back of your tongue, cooling your breath and warming your heart. Its creamy essence makes it one of the smoothest flavors for daily vaping without the possibility of a harsh throat hit. As you’re getting nestled into this well-known flavor of the best comfort food, your palate is then spiked with distinct notes of natural sweetness and tartness from the ripe strawberry flavor. The strawberries bring their incredibly popular flavor to the roof and corners of your mouth, assisted by the milky notes of ice cream the ensure you’ll never question a classic combo like No. 315 e liquid. Primary Flavors: Vanilla, Ice Cream, Strawberry
  • No. 101 – Forseti E Liquid - After 100 attempts, most would have given up and cut their losses. However, the makers of No. 101 e liquid must have known something remarkable was just around the corner in their very next batch. When their hard work and due diligence finally paid off it resulted in a phenomenon of sweet n’ salty flavor for all of us to enjoy. No. 101 takes the classic combo of sweet n’ salty but uses the best mediums and ingredients calculated at the perfect levels to achieve sheer greatness in the world of dessert e juices. Sometimes, dessert e liquid can get too sweet and end up sitting on the shelf after only a few days of use. This is where contrast needs to be implemented. Contrast is the beautiful concept that makes the sweetest and saltiest flavors bearable and longed after for repeatedly daily vaping. No. 101 e liquid is a creamy blend of rich toffee with sweet, luscious caramel enhanced by salt. You’ll get the easy-flowing vapor of creamy toffee that will swirl in your mouth spiking your dopamine levels, while also priming them for the rush of flavor still headed their way. After the distinct toffee flavor is tasted, the rich caramel spikes the happy receptors even more, as one of the sweetest and most irresistible dessert sauces for any dish. The caramel and toffee blend in a such a profound and intentional way, we’re not sure you may ever be able to enjoy the two sweetly satisfiers separately again. Just when you think you’ve had all the sweet you can handle in comes a subtle breeze of salty flavor to balance out the rich dessert decadence and give you a vape juice where contrast is key to vaping happily every day with No. 101 e liquid. Primary Flavors: Caramel, Toffee, Cream
  • No. 042 – Forseti E Liquid - We’re not entirely sure if the makers of this e liquid took 41 attempts before they finally got it right, but we can assure you, their hard work certainly paid off. No. 042 e liquid is a creamy concoction that is complemented by one of, if not, the creamiest of island fruit flavors. This vape juice takes one of your favorite creamy dessert dishes and sets the stage for the island fruit to unveil its magnanimous flavor in such a small form. When you inhale No. 042 e liquid you’ll have a sweet, thick wave of custard-flavored mist that will slowly spread over your palate. This isn’t just milk or cream, it’s custard. The difference is in the sweetness, beating out the other two in lusciousness, as the reigning king of milky delicacies. It will douse your taste buds with drops of sweet and rich custard flavor like nectar handed down from the heavens and released into your mouth, throat, and lungs. This could put you in a creamy coma, but the kiwi flavor rolls in to widen your eyes and smile even more. The kiwi is known as a tropical fruit with more of a creamy flavor profile, while still emitting the sweet and mildly tart flavor of island fruit properties you will instantly love to keep in your tank. The tart noes of the kiwi are carried by the velvet mist of the custard flavor and the two conjoin in a holy matrimony of flavor frenzy. Some blend strawberries blueberries or raspberries with their custard. The makers of No. 042 take you and your taste buds for a ride by invoking notes of an uncommon fruit to their recipe of astoundingly creamy and uniquely fruity proportions. Primary Flavors: Custard, Kiwi

Package Contains:

  • 6 x 120ml bottles of No. 042 by Forseti E Liquid
  • 6 x 120ml bottles of No. 101 by Forseti E Liquid
  • 6 x 120ml bottles of No. 315 by Forseti E Liquid
  • 6 x 120ml bottles of No. 405 by Forseti E Liquid