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Floss E Liquid

Floss E Liquid Bundle - Floss E Liquid

Product Description

Floss E Liquid Bundle - Floss E Liquid Wholesale

If you love sweet, tempting flavors but hate the sugar and calories that typically come along with enjoying them, this line of juices is going to be your ticket to finding satisfaction without any consequences. Whenever you need a quick way to satisfy yourself and get a little boost to your mood, the different selections from this line are going to give you an option that you are never going to be able to grow tired of. This bundle deal allows you to pick up 90 of their 60ml bottles of juice for only 450 dollars. That's a shocking 5 dollars a bottle! A savings such as this is something that's really special and we have a feeling that if you're looking to stock up without cleaning out your bank account, this will definitely be something you should check out.

**Contact your account representative with any specifications.**


Flavors Included:


  • Blue Bands - Floss E Liquid - Find your ultimate refreshment with this flavor that takes a classic base that we all love and then adds in a new twist that Flavors Included:is going to have your heart all a flutter. Whenever you vape this juice it is going to be such a relief, how would you ever have been able to get by in the heat without it in your possession? A blend like this can make you feel just as invigorated as possible and when the summertime weather is here in full force, you know that this juice is going to come through and make it so that you are able to find that contentment although you feel like melting. There is nothing quite like having an option like this to be able to look towards when you do need something that will be as delicious as it is effective. Every time that you ever put this blend into your tank you are going to be setting yourself up for vaping experiences that will be absolutely unforgettable and put you into a mood that can't be beaten. A smile is never far behind a selection like this. Floss E Liquid comes up with some of the most delectable and creatively impressive blends that are out there with their skilled and very talented team. They put so much care and effort into the process of making all of their juices that you are going to be beyond impressed and wishing that you could have found out about them a very long time ago. Blue Bands starts out with a tart and tangy lemonade base that has had loads of bold, sweet blue raspberries thrown into it to add in another layer of dimension. Primary Flavors: Blue Raspberry, Lemonade
  • 24K - Floss E Liquid - You don't have to save this classic dessert favorite for Easter exclusively anymore. This blend is going to allow you to take in all of that delectable flavor that you've come to know and love with an expertise that will have you completely and totally floored. It's always nice to be able to enjoy those sweet treats that leave us beyond satisfied in every single way. If you like to enjoy more decadent and luxurious tasting juices, this unique pick is going to have you wanting more with every inhale that you take. Why wouldn't you want to have an option like this around as you travel through life so that you can really have that range of selections that will ensure that you are able to fulfill your desires to their fullest without a single worry in your mind? It's so hard to be able to find a flavor that can remake this dish in an authentic and as balanced of a way as this one and for that, you are going to really go to treasure this blend for what it can provide you with. Floss E Liquid makes some of the most interesting and fun blends out there. They are able to take these tastes that are so nuanced and delicious in nature and bring in all of these spectacular profiles to life with a talent that is unbelievable. Every one of this brands different juices are made with only the very best of the best quality ingredients so that you can have the experience that you so greatly deserve. 24K is a take on a classic carrot cake with a super moist cake base, that natural carrot taste and then a hint of spicy cinnamon that really brings something special into the mix. Primary Flavors: Cake, Carrot, Cinnamon
  • Rollie - Floss E Liquid - The flavor that's held in this nostalgia worthy blend is going to have you dreaming about your grade school days where break times were spent on the monkey bars, trading snacks. Being able to be brought back to a simpler time will make such a difference in how light and positive that your day can end up running. When you are exposed to flavors that are fun and creative you are going to come to see that you end up in a much more optimistic mindset that has you looking at things from a new stance. This ability will be easy to tap into when you have a juice like this one around that holds all of those great, authentic qualities to it that has you feeling so much better than ever. So bright, bold and jovial, you just can't help but crack a smile when you have this juice in your tank giving you its absolutely stunning flavor. It really is no wonder why this is a smash hit that you just can't get enough of no matter how hard that you try. You can have a collection that's packed with some of the absolute best of the best juices that are out there on the market and still keep on coming back with this one. Floss E Liquid is a stunning brand that makes really creative and lovely juices that are going to give you loads of scrumptious taste that you will become infatuated with. Rollie is a chewy fruit flavored candy that will have your mouth watering and you are taken back in time to those afternoons spent on the playground eating sugary treats and living your very best life. Primary Flavors: Candy


Package Contains:

  • 90 x 60ml bottles from Floss E Liquid