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Flakey E Liquid Breazy Tester Pack - Flakey E Liquid

by Flakey E Liquid

Product Description

Flakey E Liquid Breazy Tester Pack - Flakey E Liquid Wholesale


 ** Limit of 1 per store** 


Can you imagine having all of your gourmet bakery favourites available at any time that you please? Flakey E Liquid makes wonderful dessert flavors that are able to seamlessly create some of the most scrumptious, complex treats that are going to have your mouth watering non stop. You are going to love being able to get your satisfaction on the go.

**Items in tester pack may vary** 


  • Apple Cinnamon Danish - Flakey E Liquid - What time of year is it again? Every day can feel like you’ve just gotten in from a walk on a crisp fall morning when you inhale the delicious, warm flavor of this great vape juice blend. There is something that is so comforting about digging into a freshly baked pastry that’s filled with delicious flavored fillings that cause an explosion to go off in your mouth. When you first smell the faintest whiff of this juice your knees are going to buckle and your jaw is going to hit the floor. This smells like the most delicious bakery that you have ever gone to end your life, everything about this blend screams gourmet, handcrafted excellence. You will swear that this was made by someone who has been baking for their entire life and are trying to impress someone they love. When anyone smells the scent of the big billowing clouds that you make when you vape this juice they are going to go looking for just where it came from so they can get some for themselves. Flaky E Liquid makes blends that taste just as equally delicious as the real thing but without all of the fat, carbs and calories. Vaping can be a great way to practice self-care and take a moment to relax, so getting a hold of this juice is a win-win situation. Apple Cinnamon Danish is a flaky, buttery, golden brown pastry that has been filled to the brim with soft, supple apples that have been sprinkled with both cinnamon as well as super sweet brown sugar for that flavor that you know oh so well. This juice is proof that dreams really can come true after all! Primary Flavors: Apple, Pastry, Cinnamon, Brown Sugar
  • Blueberry Danish - Flakey E Liquid - Sink your teeth into this blend that will convince anyone who doesn't believe in how spectacular that vaping can be just how great it really is! We all have cravings, sometimes it can be bad enough that you can't focus on anything else until you get them satisfied. During times where you don't want to indulge in sugary, fatty foods or just don't have the time to prepare them for yourself you can always turn to vaping to save the day. If you are an extreme sweet tooth who goes crazy for dessert based blends, you might just find your new all day, everyday vape juice choice with this one in particular. There is all the sweetness that you desire with a little bit of rich taste and a whole lot of freshness that balances everything out and makes it so incredibly vapable. No matter how many juices that you have in your collection you will find yourself reaching for this one time and time again because of just how yummy and nice feeling it is to inhale. If that wasn't enough, this juice makes some of the most powerful, big clouds that you have ever seen that will have you competition-ready! Flaky E Liquid line of pastry inspired blends that will take over your taste buds and have you wanting more! Made in such a way that they taste like they came from a gourmet bakery, you will have absolutely no problem making yourself believe that you are in fact having the real thing. Blueberry Danish takes a slightly crisped, fresh air of the oven pastry and fills it with succulent blueberries that are sweet and tart. Primary Flavors: Pastry, Blueberry
  • Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish - Flakey E Liquid - This classic dessert is many of us sweet lovers favorite treat! If you are someone who enjoys your more decadent flavors paired with something that is fresh for a little more balance, you are going to be head over heels in love with this blend that really has it all. It's hard not to be amazed when you try different juices and see just how close to the real thing they can really taste. Even if you've been vaping for years, it can still be tough to wrap your head around the fact that this technology exists and it's just that good. After vaping this you might never need the real thing ever again and that's perfectly okay! Everyone at one time or another has wish that they had their own personal chef in their home to make them their favorite foods whenever it pleases them. Now you can have what you want, when you want it without having to be rich or famous. All you need is a good mod and this juice by your side. Find your happy place while inhaling delicious, finely put together flavor that has a honest, home-cooked style feeling that is wholesome and comforting. Flaky E Liquid can make a pastry inspired vape juice blend better than anyone else on the market. There is no questioning the quality and expertise that has gone into the production of making these blends, every inhale is like you are experiencing flavors for the very first time in your life. This juice starts out with a golden brown tender, flaky pastry crust that is filled with turn raspberries and topped off with a smooth, sweet cream cheese that gives us a wonderful overall taste.Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Pastry, Cream Cheese
  • Strawberry Danish - Flakey E Liquid - This pastry embodies the spirit of summer time and includes some of the most fresh, well-rounded flavors that you have ever tasted in your entire life. If you are someone who is a regular at your local pastry shop, you have definitely seen and experienced a treat like this before. It has all of the bright, bold flavors that you expect from a delicious danish but with none of the calories! We all know that desserts taste so good, they really are the very best meal of the day and if everyone could live life the way they wanted without any consequences we would all pretty much live off of sweets! Vaping has allowed this to be a reality so we have to be happy and make the most of it! The best way to make the very most out of your mods is to fill them with juices that make you feel inspired, satisfy your cravings and give you a feeling deep down inside that makes you want to sing! Life is too short not to have fun so you should be able to indulge yourself and live the most wonderfully luxurious way that you can. When you work hard all day and take care of all of your responsibilities you deserve a treat and this blend in particular is going to be exactly what you had in mind. Flakey E Liquid is known for they're lovely blends which offer some of the most genuine tasting flavors that you've ever had in your entire life as well as produce serious clouds! Strawberry Danish takes a golden brown, buttery, flaky pastry and fills it with a jam that contains sweet, ripe strawberries for a flavor that is picnic worthy! Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Jam, Pastry
  • Sweet Cream Danish - Flakey E Liquid - Sometimes simple is best and that proves itself to be true with this vape juice blend that is made up of simple, wholesome flavors that come together and make something that is so enjoyable that you will never want to put it down. It will be love at first vape when you finally get the initial inhale of this scrumptious juice that will remind you of the type of treats that you would pick up on your morning commute to enjoy at the office. The one thing that this juice can offer that the real thing can't is the fact that after vaping it you feel good! Sometimes sugary treats can work to make us feel tired and drugged out. When you have long days ahead of you and lots of things to get done the last thing you want is to be put out of commission by a major sugar crash. Get the same experience with an even more peaceful feeling when you inhale and exhale big beautiful clouds that float away with all of your problems leaving you with a peace of mind that allows you to stay grounded. Flakey E Liquid makes fresh-tasting juices that will remind you of the best desserts that you've ever had in your entire life! Whenever you are able to experience their amazing blends the first thing you will think is wow! Everything that they produce really stuns and makes an impact on whoever vapes it. Sweet Cream Danish has a base of extremely tender, flaky pastry that has been covered in a sweet cream that makes for a simple yet effective flavor that has the perfect profile for all day vaping. Bon appetit! Primary Flavors: Pastry, Cream

Package Contains:

  • 5 x 60ml bottles of Flakey E Liquid with one in each flavor