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Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Breazy Tester Pack - Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs

by Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs

Product Description

Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Breazy Tester Pack - Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs Wholesale

 ** Limit of 1 per store** 


The apple is one of the most underappreciated fruits out there so Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs decided to make a line of vape juice blends that show just how flavorful, juicy and crisp this delicious food can be. The apple is scrumptious on its own but it goes together so incredibly well with a variety of different flavors as well. You are going to become obsessed with this lines blends.


**Items in tester pack may vary** 


  • Bubble Gum Brew - Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs - Double trouble boil and bubble this brew is going to cast a spell that will put you in that giggly mood that has you laughing for what seems like no reason. After a few times of vaping this juice you will realize what the cause of those humorous, happy, carefree days were. It is so difficult to be in a bad mood when you're vaping something that is so inherently positive, joyful and reminds you so much of your youth. It's like when you inhale this blend you feel as though you are back to being in school hiding bubble gum from your teacher whenever they would turn their back. This juice is much better than any type of gum that you've ever had, you won't have to worry about it losing all of its flavor within minutes or finding a place to throw that chewed-up wad whenever you're done with it. Long-lasting taste that will get you through your day with a satisfaction and positive attitude that touches everyone you come around is available in this easy, convenient vape juice blend that is only going to add good vibes into your life. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs makes juices that are inspired by the wonder that is the apple. Many of us overlook the apple because it's such a staple basic that we've all eaten regularly but this line takes the classic flavor that we are familiar with and gives it new twists that will shock and amaze your senses reminding you of why this fruit is so well-loved. Very high quality and authentic tasting, the apple flavor that's used in all of their blends tastes like and organic, perfectly developed specimen that was freshly picked from the orchard. Bubble Gum Brew takes a soft, sweet watermelon bubble gum flavor and infuses it with ripe, bold apples for the flavor that you've been dreaming of all your life.Primary Flavors: Bubble Gum, Apple, Watermelon
  • Caramel Concoction - Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs - Even the most prolific of sweet tooth's need to have something in their collection that they can reach for when they need something that will last them all day without becoming too rich or too overwhelming. This is a great juice if you need a blend that you can vape while traveling or when you know that you're going to have a long day and need something that will be by your side, charming your taste buds and being so pleasant to inhale. This amazing, innovative blend by Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs is everything that you could have wanted and more. Perfectly named, this juice is able to combine rich, creamy flavor with something that's light, pure and bold for a balance that is so amazing that you will feel completely enraptured by its flavor. Find yourself being able to become lost when focusing on all of the complexity and different notes that it's able to offer. If you've never tried anything from this brand before you absolutely have to. They are able to make vape juices that are so natural tasting, pure and dynamic that they are the perfect all day, everyday vaping companions. This one in particular combines those scrumptiously tart green apples along with sweet, light Asian pears and a whole bunch of sticky, decadent, indulgent caramel for the very best of both worlds. When you taste this you will wish that you found it long ago, but don't fear, now that's in your clutches you never have to let go. This is the type of blend that you will want to stock up on because going without it will absolutely break your heart. Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Asian Pear, Caramel
  • Keyberry Flux - Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs - An interesting juice with an even more interesting name, this is one of those blends that makes a huge impact on who you become as a vaper. When you taste amazing flavor you will feel like you just transported into the future and are trying some crazy fruit concoction that was developed by aliens on another planet. That's not a bad thing though! It's so different from anything else that you probably ever had that it's exciting to know that there are still experiences out there as far as flavors go that you've never had before. It's like opening up a door to another world where there is so much to see and try that you really don't know where to start. When you get a hold of a very high quality vape juice blend the first thing that you notice is just how genuine of a taste it has and you can feel the quality by how it glides over your senses and the way that is makes you feel from the very first moment that you hold it. To be in flux is to change and sometimes changes are good, making the change to fill your tank with this vape juice blend is just what you needed to have a little extra get up and go as well as drive to smash all of those goals that you set for your day. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs does a really spectacular job at recreating fruit blends in interesting and fun ways that will be different from anything else that you've had before. Their products have the ability to easily become some of the most commonly used juices within your collection and they are definitely a great investment for any vaper to make. Keyberry Flux Is a mixture of right off of the tree, sour green apples with exotic powerful kiwi fruits and bold beautiful bright red strawberries that make a juice worthy of someone who is as amazing as you are. Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Kiwi, Strawberry
  • Kiwi Enchanted - Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs - Can you feel yourself being enchanted by this seductive vape juice blend that will have you feeling like it is summertime all a year around? Kiwi Enchanted has a way of working itself into your vaping routine as well as your heart. When you think of summertime relief the first thing that usually comes to mind is fresh, cool fruits. During this magical season so many different fruits are in their absolute prime so you can enjoy them to their fullest and they always taste so sweet, bold and delicious. You can reach for this blend whenever you please and feel that wonderful way that you do when the sun is shining, the grass is green and there are so many different things look forward to. A good fruit flavored blend is a necessity in any vapers repertoire, you have to have a fresh tasting juice that you can pick whenever you need something that is going to help you to feel alive, awakened and able to take on the day, no matter what's in front of you.This is a great option for anyone who is looking for a new fruit blend that they can depend on to invigorate and Inspire them. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs has a really impressive ability to make fruit flavors taste just as natural, pure and succulent as they do in real life. They produce really interesting blends that have you looking at some of the old basics and a completely new way. This juice in particular brings together sweet bright red apples with sour green ones and a hint of strong, exotic kiwi fruit that all work together in a perfect harmony to make a fruity, punchy flavor that's going to make you become a believer in the magic of vaping. Primary Flavors: Red Apple, Green Apple, Kiwi
  • Pomegranate Potion - Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs - If you've ever had pomegranate before you know how amazing, bold and juicy its flavor is, slightly tart with a whole lot of heart you will understand how easy it is to become your favorite. One thing that might deter you from enjoying this delicious and healthy food is the fact that they are difficult to cut up and harvest out of their shell. Many of us have such busy lives that when something's an inconvenience we just don't have time to mess around with it. That's one of the really cool things about vaping, it takes little to no time and there are no excuses not to enjoy it because it's just that convenient. Vaping is a really cool way to be able to taste the flavors that you love without having to worry about prep work, heading to the grocery store or figuring out a way to bring along with you where were you having to go. With vape juices like this by your side it's going to be a breeze to find that refreshing satisfaction that you crave without even having to think about it. All you have to do is fill your favorite mod in the morning before you leave and you will be good for the whole day. If you didn't already look towards your break times having this waiting for you is going to make it that much more exciting and drive up the anticipation. Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs has a really cool way of being able to combine different flavors so that they taste like they were meant to be from the start. The fruits that they produce are absolutely flawless, if you close your eyes you can very easily believe that you're having the real thing. Pomegranate Potion brings together that wonderful pomegranate flavor that you love so much with a variety of different apples for a sweetened version of an old favorite that will have you thinking the two of these are the best pair since peanut butter and jelly.Primary Flavors: Apple, Pomegranate

Package Contains:

  • 5 x 60ml bottles of Firefly Orchard Apple Elixirs with one in each flavor