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Dream E Liquid Summer Collection

Dream E Liquid Summer Collection Bundle - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection

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Product Description

Dream E Liquid Summer Collection Bundle - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection Wholesale

This massive bundle is going to offer up some of the finest fruit flavors that you can think of at an astounding price that you just can't go wrong with. They have a way of making full, wholesome, natural flavors that taste just as true to the real thing but are amplified so that they give off a much more bold, impactful and satisfying overall experience. This bundle offers up 60 juices for $450, that's an astonishing savings of $2.50 per bottle! You will be getting 10 bottles of each of their six amazing juices with 2 in the 0mg nicotine strength, 5 in 3mg and 3 in 6mg. Dream E Liquid Summer Collection will be the line that so many different vapers come to depend on for their satisfaction and refreshment needs all year around.


Flavors Included:

  • Fresh Raspberry - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection - Raspberries are the unsung heroes of the berry—and fruit—community. They give and give, and ask for nothing in return—not even recognition! Ok, that’s a bit extreme, and more than a little silly; but the sentiment still feels true, somehow. Raspberries pop up all over the place, but it’s usually as a supporting taste to elevate another flavor, whether it’s another fruit or some kind of dessert taste (like chocolate, or cheesecake). It’s rare to find an e-juice that is just a raspberry flavor: but Dream has done just that. Fresh Raspberry is a sweet, tart taste of raspberry—and that’s it. No additions, no detractions, just intense berry flavor. The Summer Collection by Dream has made an art form of creating sweet fruit blends that are perfect for stand-alone use. You get a fresh, bright flavor that is unique because it is so simple. With Fresh Raspberry, you will feel like you’re eating a handful of berries that have been picked fresh from a farm somewhere. However, there’s no need to go to a farmer’s market so you can enjoy the taste in person. With this blend, you’ll get the same feeling and the same taste, but without the hassle. The VG/PG mixture in this blend gives you optimal taste and vapor; and the higher VG means that your hit will go down smoother. A vape from Dream will have everything you are looking for in a blend: taste, vapor, and quality. One hit will be enough to make you want more of this Fresh Raspberry taste. When you want something sweet but not overpowering or sugary, the tang of raspberries is the perfect compromise. So feel confident with your flavor selection, and stock up on Fresh Raspberry! It’s the blend you never knew you always wanted! Primary Flavor: Raspberry
  • Fresh Mango - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection - Do you have a mango in your house right now? It’s doubtful. Mangos are sweet, tasty treats, but they are sort of an unusual fruit to buy on its own. Most people probably don’t just add them to their carts and snack on them when they need something to eat (although anything is possible). Plus, they are a bit of a mess. Mangos are so juicy that they end up getting juice on everything: your hands, your clothes, and your face often fall victim to over-ripe fruit. Despite that, it is hard to beat the mango flavor: sweet, a little sour, and with a sort of rich, creamy aftertaste. It’s a unique flavor that you recognize as soon as you taste it, even if you’ve never eaten a mango before. There are plenty of mango blends on the market; but most include something extra—an additional dose of sugar, maybe, or hints of peach or watermelon, or some other flavor. That is why Dream created Fresh Mango, one of the blends from their Summer Collection. It’s the taste of mangos—all alone; there’s no need to put in any other flavor. This is a blend that is as refreshing as biting into a cool, tropical fruit on a hot summer day: sweet and extravagant. You’re able to truly appreciate the flavor profile of a mango when it’s the only taste there is. Dream creates vapes that have a high percentage of VG, so you get a smooth hit with lots of flavor—and plenty of vapor. Whatever you love about vaping, you can find it with a blend from Dream; and if you like tropical tastes, Fresh Mango is the blend for you. Go on an island getaway without leaving your room—with this e-juice, you can enjoy an experience that will transport you to an island somewhere. Primary Flavor: Mango
  • Fresh Apple - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection - Apples are one of the first fruits that people ever encounter. It’s a popular baby food, after all; and it’s a good choice—apples are healthy but full of naturally sweet flavor, so lots and lots of people enjoy them. And there is a huge variety of apple types and tastes! They range from small and dark red to big and yellow; and the tastes can be mouth-wateringly sweet, or full of face-puckering sour flavor. There’s an apple for everyone, probably. However, apples are also full of sugar; so while they are technically healthy, they aren’t something you should overindulge in. But if you can’t get enough of this delicious flavor, there’s Fresh Apple, an e-juice blend from Dream. Fresh Apple takes the tangy, sweet taste of an apple and turns it into a blend you can carry around in your pocket wherever you go. What’s remarkable about this blend is the fact that it is ONLY apple—there’s nothing else to take away from the main, basic experience; it’s an intense taste you can only enjoy is a single-flavor vape. From first drop to last, this blend packs in the apple taste without overdoing it. You get a tart dose of apple on each inhale, and a tiny tingle on every single exhale. It makes this a unique and succulent blend. Dream has worked hard to perfect the VG/PG balance, so you can get extreme, sweet flavor while still enjoying the best parts of vaping—big clouds and an easy hit. This juice is unique among fruit blends; it is as crisp and clean as taking a bit out of an apple. You know exactly what you are getting with a name like Fresh Apple—it’s a big, tasty, apple-y taste. Stock up on Fresh Apple by Dream as soon as you can—it’s a blend you won’t find anywhere else! Primary Flavor: Apple
  • Chilled Mango - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection - Quick: name a tropical fruit! What did you think of first? Did you say mango? It’s probably the fruit that came to mind, since you just read and clicked on this entry, so it’s fresh in your brain. But even if that wasn’t the case, a lot of people probably imagined a mango when they tried to think of a tropical fruit. Mangos are fairly common; you can get them at the grocery store, if you want. But they still have a tropical appeal—something about the fruit and taste just makes you think of beaches and palm trees. Mango itself is sweet, and with just a dash of sour flavor to really give it a kick. Chilled Mango, by Dream, has taken this taste and made it a delectable e-juice. It’s got the same sweet-and-sour taste as a ripe, rich mango. However, Chilled Mango is more than just a fruit taste; it includes a rush of menthol. The chill of the menthol gives the mango an icy feel, and makes the whole blend more remarkable. You get a re-energizing taste that clears your head—and your breath. It’s the perfect way to relax and freshen up at the same time. You’ll feel like you got a second wind with this tasty vape; and, like all blends with a high VG content, you get thick, rich vapor with a smooth feel. It’s the closest you can get to a blended drink on a tropical beach while still sitting on your couch (or in your car, or at the office). So snag your own bottle of Chilled Mango, and prepare for a sweet taste with an icy blast. You’ll love the taste and feel of this vape, from the beginning of the bottle to the very end. Enjoy a blend that gives you a much-needed break from your hectic day-to-day life. Say goodbye to worry and hello to relaxation with Chilled Mango! Primary Flavors: Mango, Menthol
  • Chilled Raspberry - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection - Is anyone’s favorite flavor raspberry? It’s a great combination fruit—blue raspberry, mixed berries, raspberry and cream—but does anyone ever think about raspberries, all by themselves? Probably not. And in case it has been awhile since you’ve had a handful of raspberries, let us remind you: they are delightful. They’re sweet with just a hint of tartness, and they are so juicy they make your mouth water. Raspberries are amazing—but they aren’t really filling, and a tiny box of raspberries can cost a crazy amount. You can polish the whole thing off in five minutes if you aren’t careful. That makes them a delicious taste, but not one you get to enjoy very often, or for very long. But there’s no reason to fret; Dream has created a Summer Collection that features Chilled Raspberry, a fruity experience with a slight chill. This blend has taken the sweet taste of raspberries and turned it into a stand-alone taste; but they wanted to give you a little something extra. That’s why the raspberry taste has been injected with cool, refreshing menthol. The two flavors combined create an almost minty taste—sweet and tart, but refreshing and light. The menthol doesn’t detract from the berry taste; it enhances it, so you can truly experience and appreciate the solo fruit flavor. Menthol is a wonderful blend for freshening your breath and making you feel ready to take on the world. It’s the perfect way to end a meal—relax with a vape and get a clean, invigorated feel. This vape is a VG/PG mix, so you can get a thick, rich hit with big vapor production. And the taste is exquisite! So show your support for raspberries by grabbing a bottle of Chilled Raspberries today. You’ll get an icy treat that includes a stellar flavor. Feel confident and prepared with an exciting and tasty blend from Dream! Primary Flavors: Raspberry, Menthol
  • Chilled Apple - Dream E Liquid Summer Collection - “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” It’s one of the first rhymes you probably heard as a kid; and, while it isn’t TECHNICALLY true, apples are a quick-and-easy snack when you want to do something healthy. They can be sweet, tart, or sour; and you can find them in pretty much anything—apple pie, apple cobbler, apple turnovers (a lot of desserts feature apples). And, when it comes to e-juices, apples are frequently featured—but always with something else. You can rarely find an apple blend all by itself; which is why the Summer Collection by Dream decided to make not one, but two. Chilled Apple is the icy blend from their collection. It takes the sweet, juicy taste of an apple and infuses it with menthol. You end up with tart apple tastes that have a chilly kick to them. Apples are supposed to have more caffeine than coffee, so eating one is a great pick-me-up; Chilled Apple has the same reinvigorating feel to it. The powerful apple taste, mixed with the icy menthol, makes a blend that feels like an energy shot. As portable and handy as apples are, they go bad very quickly. There is NOTHING worse than a mushy apple when you were looking for something ripe and firm. You can remove that worry with Chilled Apple; it’s guaranteed to taste fresh and bright from beginning to end. And, with a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, you get the best of both ingredient worlds—intense flavor, big vapor production, and a smooth hit. Indulge your inner being with a vape from Dream; with this flavor, you’ll be feeling awake and prepared to start—or finish—the day. So get yourself ready for whatever life throws at you—buy a bottle (or two) of Chilled Apple! You’ll be unstoppable, whatever it is you decide to do! Primary Flavors: Apple, Menthol


Package Contains:


  • 10 x 60ml bottles of Chilled Apple by Dream E Liquid Summer Collection
  • 10 x 60ml bottles of Chilled Raspberry by Dream E Liquid Summer Collection
  • 10 x 60ml bottles of Chilled Mango by Dream E Liquid Summer Collection
  • 10 x 60ml bottles of Fresh Apple by Dream E Liquid Summer Collection
  • 10 x 60ml bottles of Fresh Raspberry by Dream E Liquid Summer Collection
  • 10 x 60ml bottles of Fresh Mango by Dream E Liquid Summer Collection