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Crisp E Liquid Bundle - Crisp E Liquid

by Crisp E Liquid

Product Description

Crisp E Liquid Bundle - Crisp E Liquid Wholesale


For only $660 you can now enjoy 60 bottle of your favorite flavors from Crisp E Liquid. That is $120 less than the regular price. Purchase this bundle and join us in a frenzy of delicious tastes. If its good and its cheap, its gotta be the real deal.


Flavors Included:


  • Rango Crisp E Liquid:  Like crawling through the sweltering hot dessert and finally finding an oasis, this vape juice is going to deliver the thirst quenching refreshment that you crave without any of the yucky, gunky feeling that some other vape juice blends will leave behind in your mouth. It's like being able to finally see the sun through the clouds when you are able to find a vape juice that delivers that exact flavor that you have been after that also has an excellent texture that makes it feel so good to use as well. Like a rare treasure, you will be so happy that you were able to discover amongst all of the many other fruit based blends out there that don't seem to do it nearly as well as this one does. We all know that dreaded artificial fruit taste that's way too sweet and really difficult to vape. you can guarantee that this juice sets itself apart with its effortless way of recreating the tastes that we all know and love in a very pure and clean tasting way that you can only describe as being crisp. You won't feel a need to even touch any of the other juices that you own because the effectiveness and invigorating qualities that can be found within this one is above and beyond anything else you have ever tried. Crisp E Liquid makes some of the most exceptional quality, authentic tasting vape juice blends that were constructed with your ultimate satisfaction in mind. Rango is an intercontinental blend of ripe, bold, mouth puckeringly sour raspberries with succulent, sweet, juicy mango that makes for an explosion of flavor that will be sure to leave an impact that you will remember for a very long time. Primary Flavors: Mango, Raspberry
  • Lemon Drop - Crisp E Liquid: You're not going to be able to wipe the smile off of your face when you try this unique vape juice blend that will remind you of an old school candy flavor that everyone and their Grandma knows and loves. You could keep coming back to a flavor like this over and over again. With loads of great flavor that keeps your taste buds buzzing around with excitement, this blend is interesting but not so complex that it becomes overwhelming or unappealing. A light, well represented flavor can do so much for your vaping routine, this is the kind of juice that you could add into your mod for those extra long days where you end up leaving home at the crack of dawn and not getting back until it's time to get to bed. If you are really sick and tired of being faced with artificial flavoring, you are going to feel a breath of relief flow through you when you taste just how authentic and whole tasting that this blend is. This juice is an investment that will pay itself back tenfold with just how well made and easy it is you throw into your tank whenever you know that you will want to have something that will keep it light, sweet and fresh. The juices from Crisp E Liquid are known for their ability to do the unthinkable and recreate fruit flavors that taste even better than the real thing. Every single juice that this line releases is packed with taste that will charm your taste buds and go down so easy. It's hard to deviate away from their blends and go back to the juices that you used to love once you try something quite like this. Lemon Drops takes a zesty, sour lemon flavor and adds in sugar for that classic lemon drop taste. Primary Flavors: Lemon, Sugar
  • Honeysuckle - Crisp E Liquid: This juice is like the very essence of summer time was liquified down and put into a bottle. You can close your eyes and see it now, it's a beautiful sunny day that's warm without being too hot and you have all of the time in the world to walk around outside and take it all in. You can hear the birds chirping, smell the freshly cut grass and feel your skin being touched by the sun shining down, it's by all accounts the perfect day. That's when many of us are at our happiest when we are able to go outdoors and enjoy nature. Some of the most delicious yet underappreciated flavors out there are those who come from the outdoors, this juice takes those pure, fruity flavors that we love and turns them into a magical concoction that will get you summertime ready right away! It can be difficult to navigate throughout all of the different vape juices out there to find something that you can trust to authentically recreate and give you all of the taste that you expect. If you're after the very most realistic taste that you can find, you can trust in Crisp E Liquid to deliver it full force. They pride themselves in being able to make genuine flavors that don't have that fake, sweetness that many others put out. Everything that you are able to get from this line is going to be of the absolute best of quality. Honey Suckle is an innovative and well thought out combination of ripe strawberries and sweet, subtle tasting honeysuckle blossom that will have you feeling divine. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Honey Suckle
  • Strawberine - Crisp E Liquid: Feel like you've finally hit the very top of the mountain with this vape juice blend that is so crisp and refreshing that you might not believe your taste buds. This is everything that you have ever wanted in a fruit based vape juice blend and more. Many different juices out there struggle to recreate true natural flavors and end up with an artificial or super sweet candy style taste but this one is able to retain it's pure, genuine flavor. After a day of hiking through the woods, carrying around a big, heavy backpack and swatting away bugs what you need is a little bit of refreshing, bright flavor that will help you to rest and feel revived. Be careful though, the clouds that you blow will be so large and dense that they might just be mistaken for a smoke signal and attract some unwanted critters around. Could you imagine a bear chasing you down to take a puff off of your mod? That would be absolutely terrifying! You will feel the exact same exhilaration and heart pounding excitement that you would feel in that situation the very first time that you inhale this juice. Crisp E Liquid is a line of juices that is dedicated to making vape juice blends that rival even the most well ripened, delicious fruits that you could find in nature. The fruit combinations that they put together are unique and the quality is absolutely unquestionable. If you are after something that is going to give you the invigoration and refreshment that you need to get through your day, look no further. Strawberine takes bright red, bold strawberries and blends them in with slightly tart, sweet, juicy tangerines. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Tangerine

Package Includes:


  • 60 x Crisp E Liquid