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Classified E Liquid Bundle - Classified E Liquid

by Classified E Liquid

Product Description

Classified E Liquid Bundle - Classified E Liquid Wholesale

These juice selections are going to be classified under your favorite juice category with their range of delectable flavors that are packed with interesting and attention grabbing nature. It can be hard to come across blends like this in your every day life and when anyone is able to try one of their products, they will feel themselves becoming infatuated with the one off, completely unique essence of each and every one of this brands different juices. This bundle is going to give you 6 of each of this lines great juices with 1 in 0mg, 3 in 3mg and 6 in 6mg. Classified E Liquid is going to really add a whole lot of mysterious, delicious flavor into tanks all over the place and quickly become one of the most highly sought after lines on the market.

Flavors Included:


  • Lush – Classified E Liquid - If you're going to be forming a cloud of vapor in your mouth, why not base the flavor around a dish that already tastes like a cloud in your mouth? If you’ve never had the heartwarming experience of biting into a rich soufflé, then you’re really missing out. It’s like taking a chunk of sweet, fluffy cloud right out of the sky and letting it melt in your mouth, tasting each of the individual ingredients as they simmer back to their original forms. It probably should have already been one of the first desserts to be recreated in delicious vape form, but sometimes what’s right in front of us isn’t so obvious. Now it’s here through Lush e liquid. Lush is the long overdue brilliance of rich soufflé, topped with a caramelized fruit blend. The description sounds so extravagant it may make you wonder how they could possibly get all of that into a tiny bottle of liquid. We think it’s our jobs to just enjoy and leave the science to the makers of Lush. When you inhale its vapor you’ll taste the sweet flavor of warmly baked sugar as it begins to melt over your tongue. Then you’ll taste what seems like the lightest, airiest type of cake ever made; a brilliant piece of baked cloud. This easy-drifting cloud will carry the flavor of multiple fruits, caramelized to bring out their best qualities in a perfect union as the perfect topping. A fun game to play may be to try and guess what fruit flavors were included in the making of Lush as they slowly melt and begin to separate in your mouth, throat and lungs. Lush e liquid is probably one of the most extravagant and detailed dessert vape juices you’ll ever taste. So, grab a bottle and treat yourself for a change. Primary Flavors: Cake, Sugar, Fruit
  • Keen – Classified E Liquid - Three of a kind is the winning hand in this fruity trio of delicious vapor. You get the tart tannins of apple, the creamy notes of kiwi and the bold blast of blueberry flavor all wrapped up in one undeniably tasty e juice. The combined flavors in Keen e liquid represent all the notes you could ever want from a fruity vape juice. Keen is ravishingly sweet, just like a handful of ripe blueberries. It’s also incredibly smooth like the tropical treat of kiwi. Lastly, it includes just the right amount of spike with the hints of sour apple. When you take your first pull of Keen you’ll be greeted by the blueberry brigade as they band together to bring you the natural flavor of bold berry sugar. If you're worried the sensation may get a little too sweet for you, then rest easy knowing the perfect balance of tart apple is on its way to complement and counteract the super-sweet presence of the blueberry. It may seem like the two flavors are working against each other, but they’re actually working together to bring you the perfect cloud of flavor that you won’t hesitate to vape again and again. To leave you in a relaxed state are the creamy notes of kiwi, carrying their island origin with them everywhere they go. They’ll make the sweet and tart flavors of the blueberry and apple a bit calmer as they approach your delicate throat and slide easily into your lungs. They’ll also leave your lips feeling moisturized and replenished as you exhale the last bit of vapor from the terrific experience provided by Keen e liquid. Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Apple, Kiwi
  • Delightful – Classified E Liquid - When you stack them up against each other, it’s clear that the shortcake will always emerge as the victor of all desserts. This isn’t due to its low center of gravity, but due to its mastery of preparation, baked flavor and rich ingredients and toppings. Do we really have to even ask what the best toppings for shortcake are? Nothing can triumph the sweet, bold and tart flavor of ripe strawberries paired with delicious whipped cream, as it melts over onto the sides of the baked, beautiful shortcake. Just thinking about it makes you want to go out to a restaurant and order one, but who has the funds for that every time you get a hankering? Still, you could buy the ingredients and make one yourself. However, do you have the time or the required knowledge and skills to make such a classically perfect dessert? We’re guessing no, which brings us to your thirst and best option: Fill your tank with Delightful e liquid. Delightful tastes just as the name implies. It isn’t mild. It isn’t extreme. It’s just simply, delightful. When you take the first long pull of vapor from Delightful e liquid the warm flavor of buttery shortcake will fill your mouth, carrying a toasty essence as if it were pulled fresh from the oven. It's crafted with just the right amount of yeast, butter and sugar flavor to mimic the real thing with no chewing necessary. It’s also not too hot so you don’t have to put yourself through the torture of either waiting for it to cool down or frantically fanning your mouth. Next, you’ll be entranced by the authentically ripe notes of strawberry as it drops its juicy flavonoids onto your taste buds. As the vapor from Delightful goes down your throat you’ll surely appreciate the milky inclusion of smooth whipped cream flavor. Primary Flavor: Cake, Strawberry, Cream
  • Crisp - Classified E Liquid - The best apples all share the bright neon hue of green. They also share the tangy flesh that spritzes juices of sweet and naturally tart flavor into your mouth. Even the most dedicated green apple flavor fans can sometimes grow tired of the naturally awesome notes. That’s why it’s best to pair the blast of tart apple flavor with the mild, refreshing juices of watermelon. Crisp e liquid is the perfectly complemented combo concentrated into a convenient vape juice. You get the best of both worlds and are pleasantly surprised with every pull you take. Inhale Crisp’s vapor and allow your mind to drift off to a fruity paradise with rollercoasters of flavor that take your palate through spinning loops of tartness from the green apple and down waterfalls of juicy refreshment from the cool watermelon. The first notes you’ll notice may “bite” a bit, but you’ll instantly welcome their sour embrace. That’s the flavor of the green apple as it hits the tip of your tongue and rolls towards the other parts on the back of the flavorful cloud of vapor. After you’ve been awakened by the tangy titillation from the green apple, the mild and sweet watermelon juices begin to roll in and cover your mouth with a river of thirst-quenching joy that no other fruit can provide. You’ll go back and forth between relaxed to revitalized as the two flavors compete for your palate’s affection while ultimately coming together in the end as an unbreakable duo that covers every note you could ever need from a fruity e juice. Buy the ticket and take the ride into a fruity vape land of magnanimous possibilities with Crisp e liquid always in your tank, ready to go. Primary Flavors: Green Apple, Watermelon


Package Contains:

  • 6 x 120ml bottles of Crisp by Classified E Liquid
  • 6 x 120ml bottles of Delightful by Classified E Liquid
  • 6 x 120ml bottles of Keen by Classified E Liquid
  • 6 x 120ml bottles of Lush by Classified E Liquid