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Broken Bottle Vape Co. Bundle - Broken Bottle Vape Co.

by Broken Bottle Vape Co.

Product Description

Broken Bottle Vape Co. Bundle - Broken Bottle Vape Co.


Broken Bottle Co is giving you 10 bottles of each of the flavors in this line for only $360. That's forty bottles in total. Whether you're craving the saccharine zest of Rotten String or the citrusy pang of Terrible Tang, Broken Bottle Vape Co. has got you covered. Why limit yourselves to a range of choices when you can have them all.



Flavors Included:


  • Rotten Strings - Broken Bottle Vape Co.: A licorice is a unique candy. It does not have the traditional extremely saccharine zest that kids are familiar with, yet somehow, it manages to find its way into our shopping carts. These vines have tugged on the taste buds of many from time to time and now, Broken Bottle Vape Co. brings them to us in vape juice form. Introducing Rotten Strings, a traditional twist on the dark licorice that has plagued our candy sensitive tongues for generations. This e juice is an authentic representation of the real thing. Call it maniacal if you want, Rotten Strings' ability to convey the contrasting zest of sweet, sour and slightly pungent could be seen as noteworthy. Similar to a mood swing, each savory tang hits your taste buds without warning. Broken Bottle Vape Co. liquifies dark red vines in this mix to give a vape juice form that is extremely delectable. Freshly picked strawberries are majestically twisted in a long line of licorice for a sweetly satisfying zest. If you know anything about Broken Bottle Vape Co., then you would be completely familiar with their bold flavors which add a unique twist to regular past times. Rotten Strings is just as daring as its counterparts, Terrible Tang, Dirty Strawberry, to mention a few. The smoothness of this concoction speaks well to the brand and the expert precision claimed to be put into their mixes. We expect that when you inhale Rotten Strings you would be filled with pleasure. In 2016, Paige claimed that it tasted like "those yard long Twizzlers candies in the cellophane wrappers". Years later, Rotten Strings still maintains the same authentic standards. If you want to experience the thrill of candy without having to stop by the dentist, Rotten Strings might be your best bet. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Licorice, Candy
  • Dummies - Broken Bottle Vape Co.: Dummies by Broken Bottle Vape Co. is for the smartest minds. Whoever had the effrontery to call you dumb (and we hope this never happens) is going to have a rethink when they see what you've got up your sleeves. Well, who's the smart one now? Dummies is an enchanting take on the delicious smart candy. You don't have to be a child to enjoy the saccharinely roll. A heavy helping of confectioners sugar is whipped into its finest form then, layered with all the mouth-watering flavors you can think of. Each color stands for deliciousness and with Dummies, you can certainly taste that. Sugar was never more appetizing. Consumers say that this e juice is extremely authentic as it tastes exactly like the popular candy, others claim that while the inhale is sugary, the exhale could be a little bit cool. There, however, is one popular opinion, that Dummies is extremely smooth and goes down easily. Well, the expert mixers at Broken Bottle Co. did not dumb out with this one obviously. This line has dedicated themselves to bring deliciously fun vape juices. First, there was Dirty Strawberry, Rotten Strings, Terrible Tang and now Dummies. If you fell in love with the ludicrously satisfying taste of the other juices in this line, we expect nothing less from Dummies. Every inhale should be packed with powerful satisfaction. Indeed, if flavor is what you're after, it should be what you get once you take the time to puff on this. Not many e juices have the edge of bearing a seemingly accurate taste to the flavor they are named after. However, Dummies by Broken Bottle Vape Co. seems to resonate in the minds of consumers for being able to achieve this feat. We can only recommend that you try a bottle. Let's see what the hullaballoo is all about. Primary Flavor: Candy, Fruit
  • Dirty Strawberry - Broken Bottle Vape Co.: The only thing better than a regular strawberry is strawberry with a twist. While the name Dirty Strawberry might throw you off at first, this concoction by Broken Bottle Vape Co. swears it has all there is to keep you mesmerized. Dirty Strawberry is more about the mix than the name, so its safe to compare it to the childhood past time our moms so lovingly made. We'll explain. This e juice encompasses more of your favorite homemade sandwich. Think back to the times when peanut butter and jelly layered daintily over bread was all you needed to get your day going. Dirty Strawberry recreates that flavor in the most accurate way possible. The name, though unusual is a combination of the taste and the appearance of the meal from which it was based. Reddish strawberry and brownish peanut butter come together in this for a zest that is exciting as it is satisfying. You don't have to be a kid to savor the tang of this childhood pastime. Dirty Strawberry embodies all the heartwarming sensations your mum would probably have put into creating this delicacy. If pure satisfaction is what you after, we hope that it is what you get with this concoction. Broken Bottle Vape Co. takes their time to whip of exciting mixes that are unique and daring. If you loved Rotten Strings, Terrible Tang or Dummies, we expect that you will bear the same warmth towards Dirty Strawberry. Consumers laud it for its authenticity and claim that, while the inhale is of delicious strawberry, the exhale leaves a nutty aftertaste. If you're ready to experience a wholly fulfilling vape experience, we suggest that you try Dirty Strawberry by Broken Bottle Vape Co. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Peanut Butter
  • Terrible Tang - Broken Bottle Vape Co.: When Crystal saw the bottle of Terrible Tang for the first time, she was disappointed, orange vapes had never really been her first choice. It took one inhale of the e juice to change her perception. Hear her "I love love love this vape....reminds me of an orange pixie stick. I liked it so much I ordered it again" Terrible Tang by Broken Bottle Vape Co. is not as terrible as the name sounds. Its makers say it is a classic orange dessert bursting with citrusy goodness. This vape juice takes freshly picked oranges and bakes them exquisitely into a delicious cupcake. This is then layered gingerly with icing for a delicious birthday treat. Although lauded as a cupcake, consumers say that this e juice possesses a luxuriously creamy flavor that is synonymous with a creamy cake icing or citrus smoothie, you take your pick. Either way, Terrible Tang is set to elevate your taste buds in a terribly tantalizing way. One of the exciting things about this e liquid is the brand it falls under. Broken Bottle Vape Co. has made a name for themselves by constantly churning out uniquely daring flavors that consumers seem to have a penchant for. Dirty Strawberry already warmed its way into the hearts of many and we expect nothing less from Terrible Tang. The precision and accuracy put into the concoction of these juices by Broken Bottle Vape Co. are evident in the taste and smoothness of the juice we expect that you experience the same once you begin to vape. If you're one for genuine flavors and puffy clouds, you may just have come to the right place. Broken Bottle Vape Co. swears that this vape juice will mesmerize, not just your taste buds but also, your lungs in many ways than one. If you're ready to embark on a wholesome experience, then get your bottles before someone grabs them all. Primary Flavors: Cupcake, Orange


Package Includes:


  • 40 x Broken Bottle Vape Co. (10 of each flavor)