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Bantam Vape E Liquid (Bundle #1) - Bantam Vape E Liquid

by Bantam Vape E Liquid

This product is not available

Product Description

Bantam Vape E Liquid (Bundle #1) - Bantam Vape E Liquid Wholesale


Giving you all of that luscious strawberry flavor that you could ever dream of is here and it's offered in such a fantastic bundle deal that you might not be able to believe your eyes. Most of us connect the flavors of strawberries with the summer time and this selection of different juices is going to have anyone who tries them instantly start to think about all of the fun that you usually have in the warmer seasons and fondly remember picking wild strawberries. With this bundle pack you will be getting 60 juices, with 12 of each of their different flavors so that you get 4 in 0mg, 4 in 3mg and 4 in 6mg. Along with this huge number of juices you will receive a 30ml tester bottle of all six of their different salt based juices, 20 flavor cards, 4 posters and 50 stickers.

Flavors Included:


  • Strawberry Ice - Bantam Vape E Liquid - What if I told you it’s possible to fit paradise in the palm of your hand. You’d think I was crazy, right? I’m here to tell you that first, you’re not crazy and second, it’s all true; paradise can be found in this tiny 60ml bottle of spellbinding Strawberry Ice vape juice from Bantam Vape. When’s the last time you gave yourself a break? This strawberry ice blend makes a fantastic treat as you take your first of many journeys to the island of your dreams. Start with a hike up the Haleakala mountain in Maui at sunrise, then finally touch heaven with the picturesque views from Bali. Feel the brisk cool wind across your face while you sail the Virgin Islands or show of your skills as surf some waves at Corfu. How about you finally take the perfect Instagram worthy photograph in Santorini and relax in luxury in Capri. You’ll never be disappointed on a dream vacation and you won’t be disappointed with the vape juices coming from Bantam Vape. Bantam Vape only uses the best ingredients so that each experience is luxury, just like your dream trip. We’re not talking just any strawberry flavor. Think white strawberries grown in Japan flavorful and ice coming from only the most artisan water out available. Every taste will both melt and revive your taste buds and make you feel whole again just like a vacation should. So whether you’re one hair strand away from a unibrow close to losing it or you’re just trying to extend the make-believe vacation you’re already on, this Bantam Vape Strawberry Ice vape juice can provide only the most premium of experiences. Primary Flavor: Strawberry, Menthol
  • Strawberry Shortcake - Bantam Vape E Liquid - You finally found the time to watch that new show on your mobile device but then comes the dreaded message, account already in use. Turns out your sister took over 8 devices to marathon that strange cartoon where all the characters are named after desserts. How annoying! Thankfully, this Bantam Vape E Liquid in Strawberry Shortcake won’t cause you that kind of grief. A hot summer day, ice cream and strawberry shortcake is already one of your favorite pastimes so you know this will be good. It's always summer with this stuff. Imagine the taste of yummy shortbread with sweet and juicy strawberries, over cool and refreshing vanilla bean ice cream only in liquid form--and it’ll always be in season. Plus, the best part is you don’t have to worry about spoiling your dinner. Sometimes plans just don’t work out, and that's why we have a Plan B. Next time your plans blow up in your face take a nice long breather into the tantalizing flavor of the Bantam Vape E Liquid. Then take control of your own destiny. Anyways, you may just end up bonding with your sister over that strange cartoon show because who would have guessed the jokes were so ironic. Then who knows, maybe that one choice moves the tides of time in your favor. I’m talking no more red lights while driving, finally finding that missing sock that the dryer ate, and getting your email inbox to zero! There's no better way to show you’ve got your life together than with matching socks, a clean email and not killing someone with your road rage. If we told you it could make you president one day would you buy this E Liquid any faster? Well then, this stuff will make you president one day too. Primary Flavor: Strawberry, Shortcake
  • Strawberry Banana Milkshake - Bantam Vape E Liquid - You work hard all week to maintain that summer bod but when cheat day comes along it’s like all that work was for nothing. Struggle no more! All that sugar is not golden; don’t wait for your next cheat day to finally enjoy one of the most devilish desserts out there. So please, save those calories and try the Bantam Vape E Liquid in Strawberry Banana Milkshake instead. Remember when you tried your first banana that actually tasted like a sweet banana? Imagine throwing that into rich-tasting vanilla ice cream and don’t forget the cherry on top. We swear you’ll like Bantam Vape’s iteration of this classic dessert best. What other deserts can be defined as both traditional, retro and hipster. Its variety is endless but this E Liquid has it perfected down to a science. The only chill Bantam Vape has is with its delectable flavors of vape juices and the flavoring in this Strawberry Banana Milkshake is no different. In fact, we’re pretty sure the recipe’s secret is in a locked vault kept underground at an unmarked location. You might need a secret handshake or two to inquire. Think tombs of Egypt secret--the ones that haven’t been found. Meaning you’ll be cursed if you ever find out what's in it, but this Bantam Vape E Liquid in Strawberry Banana Milkshake is so good it might still be worth it! This vape juice sincerely aims to keep the flavors of one the most sinful yet yummy desserts as true to life as possible. So stop punishing yourself all week just to hate yourself all over again when the weekend rolls around. You can make your goals and new years resolutions a reality, just buy this E liquid. Primary Flavors: Strawberry, Banana, Milkshake
  • Strawberry Limeade - Bantam Vape E Liquid - You only have one life to live so why don’t you go all in and lime it up a little. Lemons are typical but limes are extraordinary, yup I said it! Gain more zest for life with this exciting combination of fruity flavor from Bantam Vape. This Strawberry Limeade vape juice covers all spectrums of flavor. Sweet and tangy, bitter and tart. This scrumptious concoction will rollercoaster over your tongue like large waves crashing into the sea. Red and green are such great color complements, to begin with so Bantam knew what they were doing when they created this symbolic combination; and who other than them would be able to get the flavors just right. Bantam takes flavor mixing and testing to the next level for the customer who isn’t looking to play it safe. Take it from us when we say that this kind of flavor is life-altering and capable of turning any human being into a true adventurer. Become the trailblazer we know you are, the one who either chooses to take the road less followed or forges ahead to create their own. Don’t be content with reading stories of great people and instead have people writing about you. The mantra for how you live your life will be--what even is a roadmap? The red color of strawberries and the green of limes are symbols in themselves representing the power of Mars and the heart of Venus--a match straight from the heavens. Although we can’t chart our your future or tell you that the stars have aligned, we do have good inclination tell us that it’s the perfect time for you to turn your life up with the Bantam Vape Strawberry Limeade vape juice. Primary Flavor: Strawberry, Lime
  • Strawberry Chew - Bantam Vape E Liquid - If you’re anything like us you need loads of sugar in the morning to act as your defibrillator only to get your heart pumping blood through those veins. We’re talking anything from pancakes with loads of sweet yummy syrup, sticky-icky cinnamon rolls, frosted cereal that tastes just like candy and muffins that are basically cake. Are your poor teeth aching at the thought or have you finally found someone who understands where you’re coming from? So what if you have nothing resembling an immune system left; you need all those tasty treats to bring life back into your soul. If we’ve said all the right things so far how about you try this Strawberry Chew vape juice from Bantam Vape. We’re definitely not here to judge but think about how much more your liver will love you and be thanking us after you make that purchase. Besides, Bantam Vape is all about sourcing the best ingredients. The sweetness in their flavors go unmatched so you’ll never have to worry about your blood sugar levels running too low. Bantam Vape has perfected their craft for years so you can trust that the flavors they create come with careful precision and thought. Their strawberry flavor has never tasted so close to the real thing, almost like the ones you put over your Belgium waffles in the morning. Perfectly ripe and exploding with juicy tart flavor exactly how you’d like your syrup substitute. A true delicacy only reserved for those who appreciate it most. The only thing better would be eating one straight from the garden, but let’s be real that would take forever. So let’s not wait for the right season. Save your sullen soul the agony and purchase this vape juice today.Primary Flavors: Strawberry


Package Contains:


  • 12 x 60ml of Strawberry Shortcake with Whipped Cream by Bantam Vape E Liquid
  • 12 x 60ml of Strawberry Banana Milkshake by Bantam Vape E Liquid
  • 12 x 60ml of Strawberry Limeade by Bantam Vape E Liquid
  • 12 x 60ml of Strawberry Ice Bantam Vape E Liquid
  • 12 x 60ml of Strawberry Chew by Bantam Vape E Liquid
  • 6 x 30ml 0MG Salt testers (Tobacco Peanutter/ Ambrosia / Mahogany and Watermelon Spiceberry, Water Blossom, and Watermelon) by Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid
  • 20 flavor cards 
  • 4 Posters 
  • 50 Bantam stickers