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Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid (Bundle #2) - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid

by Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid

Product Description

Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid (Bundle #2) - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid Wholesale


Don't feel salty, this great bundle is going to be giving you 10 of each of their delicious flavors at a really wonderful deal. Unfortunately, it seems like mouth to lung vapers get the short end of the stick a lot of the time and have a limited number of different flavors to choose from. Bantam Salt E Liquids makes extremely unique blends that are going to give us all more variety so that we can all feel excited about vaping. The quality of these juices is absolutely extraordinary and you are going to find that no one can resist their charms or walk away from them without trying them. There is definitely a sense of intrigue that is sparked inside of everyone as soon as they see what their flavors are. This bundle is also going to offer you 20 flavor cards, 4 table tents, and 50 stickers.


Flavors Included:

  • Tobacco Peanutter - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid - Wait, hold up. There is no way that you're tasting that heavenly flavor that you're currently experiencing, is there? This blend is everything that you've always needed but never knew you wanted, it's just so unique and creative that most of us have never even thought the combination of these two flavors could be a possibility. The creative geniuses over at Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid were able to devise this wonderful juice that is going to leave you weak in the knees with a style, edge, and deliciousness that is going to take the whole vaping universe by storm in no time. You just can't stop yourself from coming back to it just for how dynamic and fun that it is and if you are anything like many of us who can't seem to get enough of the decadent, rich, creamy treat that goes into this fine juice, you are going to want to make sure you get a few extras that you can stash away in case of emergency. Let your wild side out and shake things up a bit, this new take on a fan favorite, the classic flavor is going to knock you clear off of your feet. Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid is a line that's very well known for their way of making flavors that stun and amaze. They aren't afraid to do something different and try new things and when we tell you they have a true talent for coming up with surprisingly yummy flavor combinations, we really mean it! Tobacco Peanutter starts out with a sophisticated, deep, enchanting, traditional tobacco flavored base that is perfectly accented with rich, sweet peanut butter that gives it so much more decadence and will have you feeling fulfilled. Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Peanut Butter
  • Tobacco Ambrosia - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid - Find those fabulous fall feelings once again with a great juice like this one that is going to envelop your senses like a warm, fuzzy sweater and make you feel that comforting goodness all over. If you are someone who loves good tobacco blends, you are definitely going to want to see what this unique juice has in store. It gives that classic, earthy flavor that you are familiar with a new, exciting taste that is going to surprise you with just how complimentary that it works together and how it is able to keep on filling up your senses with the same amount of impact and satisfaction the last time as it did the very first time that you ever tried it. With juices like this in your back pocket, you are going to be well prepared for the new season that is quickly approaching and feel like you have got it together! When your juice game is on lock, you feel good and we have a feeling that this fine arrangement of flavors around you are going to be looking forward to the moment you can fire up your mod, take a deep inhale and experience the autumn style flavors. Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid is a line that makes a really wide range of different flavors that are all well thought out, interesting and complex. They offer a lot more than your typical, one-note vaping options out there and when you are able to add any of their different juices into your collection, you are going to feel like you are on top of the world. Tobacco Ambrosia combines that traditional, American style tobacco that you know with some crisp, ambrosia apples and a hint of decadent, sweet caramel. Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Apple, Caramel
  • Tobacco Mahogany - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid - This upper-class blend is going to have you picking out a pocket square and shining up your monocle. Every inhale is going to feel like you are taking in a premium, gourmet selection from some exclusive tobacco shop in the rich side of town. If its sophistication and class that you're looking for, you will most definitely find it right here with this juice that is able to give you so much complex, multidimensional flavor that is somehow able to also give you a silky smooth texture that takes this already flawless blend to new heights. If you are one of those people who really love their tobacco based flavors, this will be one of those must-try blends that become a quick favorite of absolutely everyone who has the pleasure of vaping it. It's going to be a great all day, the everyday option that you know will be able to give you that satisfaction that you crave no matter what and fit into so many different moods and situations. If you're looking to invest in a juice, this will definitely be it and when you add it into your collection, it's going to really feel as though it was meant to be. Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid is a line that creates a huge array of different blends that will have an offering for absolutely everyone out there. They aren't afraid to do something new and bring more unique flavor profiles out to shine. Tobacco Mahogany starts off with a traditional, earthy, deep tobacco flavor that was aged to perfection in a woodsy, natural tasting mahogany barrel and then given an infusion of rich bourbon flavor that complements this luxurious flavor flawlessly. Primary Flavors: Tobacco, Bourbon 
  • Watermelango - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid - Watermelango is going to make you want to tango! There is just something about this great combination of natural flavors that will bring about a sense of cheer and excitement, it just has that passionate, exotic taste that is different from a lot of other fruit-based juices that are around. Everyone can use something different every now and again and this could very well be that interesting new juice that gets you feeling those fires of passion deep down inside being rekindled once again. You are going to love that great feeling that you get whenever you take an inhale and feel all of the bright, bold flavors hitting your taste buds and allowing you to feel truly alive. Need a little bit of extra invigoration to help you to make the most of your day? Then this blend is going to allow you to have all of that great get up and go that has you crushing goals and making your mark. A good vape juice can make you feel unstoppable and the fact that you can bring it along with you on the run and access whenever you need that extra little boost. Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid creates a huge range of different blends that are going to rock your world with their incredibly interesting flavor profiles and an exceptional amount of quality that will give you a fulfilling overall experience. Watermelango is a combination of two exotic delicacies that are going to make you feel like you have just gotten back from a trip to paradise. Combining some juicy, sweet watermelon with succulent, intense mango to make a medley of flavors that play off your taste buds and leave you revived. Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Mango
  • Water Blossom - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid - After a hard days work, there is nothing like heading down to the local watering hole with your buddies for a happy hour drink. As fun as it is in the moment, no one likes to have to deal with the unfortunate after-effects of painting the town red. This blend is going to give you the taste of a refreshing, wind down cocktail without any of the headaches or having to deal with a sore stomach. You're going to feel like its that Friday night where you have a wide open, responsibility-free weekend ahead of you and the weather forecast is sunny straight through. So those unbearable Sunday mornings that have you feeling down in the dumps will be no more, all that you have to do is give yourself a few minutes of time to vape this unique blend to feel those positive vibes well up inside of you. Break time will now be vacation time, when you take that fifteen minutes it's going to be like you actually just got back from a two-week long vacation at an all-inclusive spa resort. Treat yourself to a pampering experience that will leave you revived, relaxed and able to be your very best. Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid makes some of the most interesting, super creative blends that you could ever think of and they do it with a style and passion for vaping that is evident in every single product that they develop. Water Blossom starts out with a fizzy, seltzer water base that's been infused with natural tasting, juicy watermelon, exotic, tart kiwi fruits and some fresh, ripe strawberries. This fruity cocktail will be just what you need for a quick mid-day pick me up. Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Seltzer Water, Kiwi, Strawberry
  • Watermelon Spiceberry - Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid - There's just nothing quite like being able to bring something new into your life that spices things up a bit. This juice is going to give you an arrangement of amazing fresh flavors that has you feeling like you've just plunged your entire body into a crystal clear, clean, cool pool of water that immediately refreshes and invigorates you down to your very core. When you are able to find a blend that can accomplish a sensation that's even close to as impactful as this, it's a game changer. No matter what time of year that it happens to be or what the weathers like outside, you are going to find a juice like this comes in handy all of the time. It just has a pure, clean, realistic taste about it that is versatile and capable of its quality and flavor that will keep you continuously satisfied. Think up one of the most refreshing foods, we're sure that the very first thing that enters your mind is the watermelon. There is just something about this fruit that continuously pops up time and time again for all of your thirst quenching needs and when summer time is around, it's a necessity. Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid creates a wide range of different blends that are going to inspire and titillate with their interesting flavor profiles and the great way of bringing together different aspects that will charm and entice every single one of your senses at once. Watermelon Spiceberry starts off with a base of that juicy, sticky sweet watermelon that is given a big bunch of mixed berry deliciousness that will give that extra pop of bold flavor that makes it so dynamic and exhilarating. Primary Flavors: Watermelon, Mixed Berry

**These products are made with salt based nicotine and not intended for sub ohm vaping**


Package Contains:



  • 10 x 30ml of Tobacco Peanutter by Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid 
  • 10 x 30ml of Tobacco Ambrosia by Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid
  • 10 x 30ml of Tobacco Mahogany by Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid  
  • 10 x 30ml of Watermelango by Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid  
  • 10 x 30ml of Water Blossom by Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid 
  • 10 x 30ml of Watermelon Spiceberry by Bantam Salt Vape E Liquid 
  • 6 x 30ml 0MG testers of each flavor
  • 20 flavor cards (10 flavor cards each of tobacco, watermelon)
  • 4 table tents (2 table tents each of tobacco, watermelon)
  • 50 Bantam stickers